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This fan-fiction mod brings the Ancients into the game. The Ancients are often referred to as 'Gate Builders', or 'Celestials'.
This mod adds interesting stories, missions, and complete new Ancient ships and equipment.

Permissions and credits
The Ancients
The 'mysterious' Jump Gates have been built by the so-called 'Ancients', a group of races, who allegedly 'transcended' into a virtual reality.
Because of the lack of detailed information, it's unknown, whether this is the truth, or just a Boron speculation.
This fan-fiction story mod brings those mysterious Ancients into the game. You can play through funny missions, hear interesting stories, talk to the greatest minds out there, and even pilot their ships.

This mod adds the following content to your game:
  • 3 new sectors
  • 4 new fully functional (+1 technical) Ancient races
  • 6 new (scripted) factions
  • 10-14 Ancient missions + 10 bonus missions
  • Custom voice lines for custom characters
  • An Ancient gamestart
  • Full set of race-specific Ancient ships and equipment

This mod can make use of the following DLCs, but does not require any of them:
  • Split Vendetta (required for numerous missions)
  • Cradle of Humanity (required for numerous missions)
  • Tides of Avarice

Before asking, or reporting a bug, please check, if all prerequisites are satisfied for certain events/missions/sectors to be available. You may only need to do some more missions, or install a missing DLC.

This mod is a fan-fiction story mod about the long-lost Ancients, with interesting missions, stories, special assets. While this mod approaches the topic from my point of view, it aims to be as consistent with the Ancients, the Sohnen, and the Boron lore video, and the X Encyclopedia as possible, though 100% consistency can't be guaranteed.
See the included CHM for credits, mission information, notes, and technical information.
The package also contains an Encyclopedia Appendix, which expands the lore, and tells you interesting additional information. It can be considered a fan-fiction story...