X4: Foundations
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This mod brings the Ancients into the game. According to the general public, Ancients are those who built the Jump Gates, but seem to have disappeared long time ago.

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The Ancients

So let's talk about the Ancients. The Ancients are those who built the Jump Gates. But we don't know more than this.
Unless... the Alliance of the Word seems to have scouted an unknown system, in which guardians said, they're (part of) the Ancients.

This mod lets you meet those Ancients. It adds that new sector, multiple plot missions, and multiple Ancient factions. It can make use of the Qang Qbeng mod, but does not require it. This mos also uses custom voice sequences.

By default, the Ancient sector is inaccessible (its gate is inactive), you need to do the intro mission in order to gain access.
Currently, there are 3 missions, but each new version will bring new missions, and will be compatible with old savegames using this mod from version 002.

Help: How to start the intro mission?
You need to travel to a different sector, and Boso Ta should call you, provided that you meet the following criteria upon changing the sector:
* Boso Ta is located at the Player HQ (that is, the HQ mission plot must be completed)
* You are not in an active mission, neither in any conversation
* Your relation to Alliance of the Word (ALI) is greater than -10
* At least 1 ALI station available (thus not destroyed)
NOTE: your main contact with the Ancients will be the Ancients' faction representative!
* Mission 2 starts a few minutes after you ask the Representative to help you. Chance of gatting this mission is 75%.
* Mission 3 starts within an hour after you either completed Mission 2, or Mission 2 is not required.

You can find additional information related to the Ancients in this video. This mod aims to be consistent with this video!