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This mod modifies all the backgrounds in the game.

Nabulae have been redone entirelly.

Many planets have been modified too

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Egosoft forum's name: Realspace : DISCUSSION IN EGOSOFT FORUM
version: 2.0

Short description:
Changes the background stars, replace the nabulae with X2's style nebulae, modifies many planets to better visual and less rotation
(ITA: Modifica delle stelle sullo sfondo, delle nebulose e di diversi pianeti)

This mod modifies all the backgrounds in the game. The stars are made more realistic and immersive, no more spots on the background but real stars. Also the skybox has been made less intrusive by regulating the intensity of light.
Nabulae have been redone entirely. The game looks much more as the predecessor X2 now, of course in a high resolution.

I took care of the planets too. Most of the gas giants have been graphically improved into an higher resolution and sometimes different look.
Other planets have been slightly changed in many details. Small but significant changes as the city lights, Xenon's too.
The main planet in Black Hole Sun has been changed with another. So has the gasgiant in Silent Witness.
All planetary rotations have been reduced. Clouds still move a bit but at a more realistic speed (still visible). Those in the orbital planets remain faster, as it should be.
The gas giant in Unholy Retribution that is close behind the earthlike planet has been removed.

There is a bonus mod (Main Menu replacement) and my Reshade settings in the optional files


Simply unzip the file and put the STARS folder into your game's 'extrensions' folder. Check that it is active ingame. Done.
No new start needed.

Remove the folder from the 'extensions', done.

Compatibilty and Usage:
Since the mod does not modify any game mechanics it can be used with almost all other mods and does not need to be included, so for the moment it has to be used as it is, no inclusion in other mods sorry, no need. Instead if you wish to modify planets etc. further and to work on more improvements please be free to start form this mod on and be kind to inform me in the forum. Happy to joint the efforts.


I added my personal settings for Reshade. The mod has been created with these settings and the shaders put on "OFF". Nothing dramatic, ligthweight (no fps drop) but significantly better overal gamma and tone for the game and the backgrounds too.
The shaders also use their Antialising that works better than the game's AA, so please set the following parameters to OFF or NONE in the graphic settings:
* Antialising
* Color correction 
* Chromatic aberration
* Distortion

Reshade version used 4.9.1
NOTE: The mod DOES NOT need the Reshade to work, you can use whatever version and settings of Reshade you like
See the optional files for donwloading my Reshade

Additional mod:
MMMod - Main Menu Mod, a lightweight version of the start menu where all stations and ships are removed. 2 version abvailable, one with and one without the X4 logo
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Known issues:
None for now
Final note: To be sure any graphical issue is due to my mod, please disable it in the extensions and start the game again to see if the problem solved, before reporting. Thanks