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Random Mine:Randomized Miner logic.

Permissions and credits
- Added fleet inner communication to prevent many ships from searching for trades at the same time when they can't find anything (this improves the performance in the case that ships are not occupied)
- Implemented trade rules
- Added ship idcode to the logfilename

- fixed a bug where the update subordinates option would assign its own default order even to ships of not same shiptype or not assigned to defend.

V 1.16
- added split wares to preset lists
- moved logbook entry to "upkeep" section (as requested by some users)
- added option to update subordinates (only affects subordinates running RandomMine already, no effect on freshly added subordinates having "defend" order), kicks in when script of command ship restarts.

- split factions (Free Families and Zyarth Patriarchy) are no longer ignored

- last patch did not help resolving the vanilla AI take over issue. Changed the mod in this version. Ships will not get assigned as subordinate to stations now, if you use the feature to copy behavior to subordinate, they will stay as fleet (just visual effect in your list, behavior not affected)

- fixed a bug where (when playing 3.0 beta) the vanilla AI would take over ships default order.

- fixed a bug, where Vanilla AI would randomly take over subordinate ships.

- implemented the blacklists feature, in this mod there are no exceptions for it, the ship will never mine/sell/fly in blacklisted sectors.

- New feature: copy the behavior and settings to subordinate ships of the same shiptype (e.g. M-miner to M-miner). To use just assign
one or multiple ships per rightclick choosing "[standard behavior] defend" and wait for the script to restart.

 - fixed some error messages appearing in the debug log.

Random Mine:Randomized Miner logic.
Fastalgorithm for efficient supply of player owned stations with minerals.
Supplystations with minimum resources, as few as possible ships should operate as
many as possible stations.
Core Idea:
One shipshould be able to supply not only its home station, but all player stations.
Check which station needs minerals most at that moment and serve that one.
The randompart here is that if 2 or more stations need minerals equally (e.g. both have 0
units left of at least one of the needed mineral for production), the ship will
pick one of them randomly.
This isbased on my other two mods “RandomTrade” and “RandomSupply”, the logic is
similar and the general rules are same.
Here aresome features of this mod:
1. It will picka position in a sector randomly in a circular area with the middle being the
mean of the jumpgates’ and highwaygates’ positions; and the radius being half
of the sectors size.
2. It willprioritize the sectors to mine in based on the jump gate distance, the most prioritized
sector will be the sector in which the ship currently is; the second most
prioritized sector is the sector in which your station, that needs minerals is
(if supplier mode).
Supplierand free miner logic:
Ifsupplier, the ship will check for buy offers of your stations and then search
for minerals to mine, if found it will immediately create both orders, the
mining and the trading one.
If freeminer mode, the ship will search for nearby minerals and create only the mining
order. When the cargo gets full, the order will disappear and the script will
start from beginning. There the ship will try to get rid of the ware from cargo
with the logic described in my other mod.
Supplierand free miner: here you choose whether your ship should do supply, free mine,
or both.
Home: Ifyou want the ship to be the subordinate of one of your stations, set that
station as home, it has no effect on priority.
The otherUI elements should be self-explanatory, check out my other mod for more in-depth