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The Colossus, in a not so useless Version. This is the Stardust. Since we got Ren Dhark out there, this is meant in honor to Perry Rhodan.

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Maybe I overdid it. Please tell me, if so. But I really wanted a Colossus, that is able to clean a xenon sector without much of a sweat. It does very well next to the Point Of. She is really, really fast and has guns. What happened? Perry Rhodan got lost in a time frame, and he visited the X-Universe. The Argon helped him getting home, so he gave them the technical blueprints of the Stardust, the sphere space ship, which was his very first. The Argon improved the Colossus and turned it into a true battleship. Sadly the military turned the ship down, since they said, that the soldiers would become less brave, if they got their back with such a ship.
So it's left to the player to get one and show the Xenon, how War is done by you.

The KI seems not to use this ship. Unless you start a new game. Then I have seen it happen.

How to install? Please make a mod folder in ~game home~\extensions. Please don't use the mod folder in your presonal home, this is still bugged right now for x4. Allow Mods in the config of X4. Extract the Archive into the new folder. Search for the ship in the shipyard.

Have fun! And may Perry be with you on your travels.

Oh one thing, if you use Windows 7, please consider an update to Windows 10. But if you really must use Windows 7, use the file I
uploaded recently. And report me bugs, this isn't something I can test