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A Ship Mod, meant to be a addition to Easy Life. I love the OSPrey, but the ship sucks. You can't win a fight with them. None at all, you will loose. Even against N. Not with this one. This one rocks. And it is fast. And it has some decent storage.

Permissions and credits
What happened. Ren Dhark did visit the X-Universe, because he got lost with the Point Of in one of his travels. The Teladi found him and his ship and immediately saw profit in helping him to find his way back home to Terra. The calculated and very egoistic help of the Teladi was rewarded by Ren, since he saw their struggle against the Xenon, which invaded their space on and on. Sadly the Ministry of Defence thought, that the ship is too expensive and never rewarded the Fleet with it.
What leaves you not to be such a cheapo and buy it for yourself. It needs a while to get fabricated, because of the unusual and complex technics. It combines technic of the Doctor, since it is bigger from the inside, and has a armor made of Unitall. The Antimatter thruster and engines make it really fast.
This ship is a very mean puppy.
Clear your storage, if you update to 1.1! Or you might get stuck with an unusable ship.
Or go back to 1.0, clear the storage, and then go back to 1.1.
Or edit the storage in \assets\units\macros\storage_pointof_macro.xml ...

The KI seems not to use this ship. Unless you start a new game. Then I have seen it happen.

How to install? Please make a mod folder in ~game home~\extensions. Please
don't use the mod folder in your presonal home, this is still bugged
right now for x4. Allow Mods in the config of X4. Extract the Archive
into the new folder. Search for the ship in the Teladi wharf.

Have fun! And may Ren be with you on your travels.

Oh one thing, if you use Windows 7, please consider an update to Windows 10. But if you really must use Windows 7, use the file I
uploaded recently. And report me bugs, this isn't something I can test