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Reduces early game exploitation of crystals whilst rebalancing crystal mining between safe/hazardous/xenon regions of space. It also increases the variance of collectable items during asteroid mining.

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Compatible with X4 Version: 3.10 HF1 Release (394166) (2020-04-16)

New Version

X4 3.10 + Split DLC compatible
Includes new rebalancing for safe/hazardous/xenon regions of space
Includes rebalancing of "cooldown" post X4 3.00 Beta 6


Insatiable greed, it's always there... it gnaws at your very soul. Don't look away Teladi, I've seen your eyes green with envy!! If only you had more, another million may be for that new ship, 20 million for the factory of your dreams, enough even to woo that Paranid who gave you the eye last night at the bar no one can find ... 

You're a fresh faced pilot still wet behind the ears (if your species have ears). You climb aboard your shiny new ship and you head straight to the asteroid fields. You see, that morning you woke up having dreamt this great idea to make a million or three faster than all those other bozos with their trading ships, factories and mining fleets. You arrive at your happy hunting grounds with your lasers fired up, your loot bag open and you scan the roids' looking for that twinkle which means easy fortune... then... it dawns on you... you were never the only one with that too good to be true get rich scheme. See all those other ships flying around out there... well they've been there for decades doing exactly what you are thinking and got stinking rich with little or no effort. Guess what? The gold rush is over pilot and now you're going to have to put your head down for longer if you want to make that fortune before bedtime!

There are many gates within the X-Universe but just three gates lead to hell : Anger, Lust and Greed ... well may be the one in Tharka's Cascade also !!


This mod attempts to re-balance early game crystal mining so that it is no longer an exploit but a more challenging activity. It still contains reasonable rewards whilst retaining the possibility of a lucky find to boost the players funds. The mod contains the following game play changes...

  • Crystal prices adjusted lower
  • Reductions in asteroid bearing crystals but hostile areas contain (even) more to encourage risk taking
  • Reduction in numbers of collectables from mining crystals, but...
  • Collectables are now more varied than before and are influenced by asteroid type and size
  • More varied collectables are also spawned by other miners as well but frequency is reduced


Drop the "Crexit" folder into your "Documents" X4 extension folder


I have test driven this and feel the balance between difficulty, time and reward is about right but if folks want a slightly less "hard" version then simply tweak the values according in the "objectspawnrules" file (the values are percentages of crystal occurrence). If you want a really easy version de-install the mod!!