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Thank You for downloading Custom Tweaks v2


Installation instructions:

0. Just in case to prevent possible bugs — please install WIC MW map pack

1. Place Custom Tweaks v2 folder to C:\Users\Public\Documents\World in Conflict\mods
2. Place wicautoexec.txt to C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\World in Conflict (*USERNAME* - your username folder) — now you have free camera and AnhCheats Viewer enabled
3. Launch game
4. Turn on "Custom Tweaks v2 + AnhCheats" mod in game settings menu
5. Launch game in Multiplayer > Local game (with/without bots)
6. Start game with bots or with friend with this mod installed
7. Use Ctrl+Alt+C to open AnhCheats menu (use mouse left/right button to turn on/off various options)
— ANHCheat included and Uses same Infoshash (will pop up as AnhCheats in mod selection)
— Added Spetsnaz(USSR) from SP as Paratroopers in Custom games. (Stealth same as Sniper. Artillery strike and Explosives as specials)
— Added Snipers for each faction as paratrooper.
— Added Medium tanks for each faction to be deployed via support helicopters.
— Hind can now carry troopers as in real life
— Gazelle can now carry troopers.
— All Heavy helicopters can use gun to shoot light/heavy vehicles, not only infantry like in vanilla.
— All Heavy/Medium helicopters should now use Rockets with minigun to shoot both Infantry and vehicles.
— All Battle helicopters are now equipped with Rockets
— All Transport and Scout helicopters are now equipped with gun (BlackHawk equipped with 12.7 mm chaingun)
— Some WIC MW maps may be inside - forgot to remove them
— Removed Norway Rangers becuase they caused crash to main menu after deployment
— Changed firing position of 50. cal on helicopters (now it shoots from cabin - not from rotor wings)
— Artillery strike for spetsnaz changed to sprint
— Swap Rockets to Primary shooter and Gun for Secondary for Heavy helicopters
— Mod remade from scratch
— Mod now uses own infohash and appears as "Custom Tweaks v2 + AnhChetas" in mod menu
— Norway Rangers can now be deployed as paratroopers for NATO and US (crash fixed)
— Removed ability for Gazelle to carry troops
— Fixed a bug when all friendly helicopters starts to shoot buildings occupied by own/friendly troops
— Heavy helicopters weapons are reverted back to vanilla settings
— Medium helicopters now only uses a turret to shoot all targets in auto
— Medium helicopters are now equipped with rocket pods from scout helicopters (Hold F and mark a target to use - Press T to stop firing rockets)
— Scout helicopters are now fully vanilla ( gun removed)
— Transport Helicopters are now equipped with medium helicopter gun instead of useless and bugy
— Transport Trucks are equipped with gun for self defense
— Transport Trucks are now available for all playing roles (prices are same as for humvee/uaz/landrover)
— All WIC MW maps are included in this mod (please also install WIC MW map pack)

all altered .juice files included for custom editing and on go bug fixing
(Warning - included juice files are from this mod and not vanilla)

Please report any bugs.