Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

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Lets you dual wield two handed weapons

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Unzip the rar into Wolcen folder. It should be able to read the files from the created directories.

the Umbra folder in the archive needs to be placed in Wolcen\Game.

Update ver 2:
This version lets you dual wield bows all thanks to dreais, he's the one who really figured the issue with the bows out so massive props to him!

When you're dual wielding bows, you will fire arrows as you normally would.

When you're wielding a bow in one hand and a melee weapon in the other, you will fire your bow and then attack with the melee weapon.

If you use a bow and pistol, both will fire normally.

Update ver 3:
Fixed the file structure, no other changes were made. If you experienced it not working with ver. 2, please delete the old files and use this new one.

Update ver 4:
Apparently I'm an idiot and uploaded an old version of the weapons.xml which did not have the appropriate keywords for bows. Really sorry about that guys! There really should be no other problems with it.

Update ver 4.1:
No changes but this updates the mod for the patch they released on 2/20/20. Please note that if they release a patch that resets the files I used, you will lose one of your weapons that you were dual wielding. I lost an awesome axe this way :( Keep a backup in your stash!

Update ver 5:
Apparently the weapons.xml doesn't cover every weapon, which shivamjayraj in the comments thankfully pointed out. So, I changed them all and reuploaded everything. It should be working just fine now *shakes fist!*