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Based off KNGRSM work with EWCM, this mod aim to add more variety to the weather in game. It keeps the extreme weather conditions of EWCM but also add more gentle conditions to No Man's Land/Novigrad, Skellige, White Orchard and Kaer Morhen.

Permissions and credits
Weather Enhanced

UPDATE Status : 
28/02/2017 -- > Will be updated to current version of the game in the future. No exact timeframe yet. 

In any way, thanks for your support !

A small reminder : You only have to get one version of the mod. Either the main file or one of the optional ones, but don't try to combine two of them because it will not work !

- Add new weather :
--> Grey weather to Novigrad/No Man's Land. 

- Adapted to work better with STLM. 
--> What changed exactly ? Well in fact the changes made by STLM 2.x to the weathers is pretty similar to what I had in mind when I released the "less dark" alternate version in 0.3. It lowers both the blending effect of some weathers and the fake shadows value. Truth be told, I liked the render of "less dark" and I wanted to make it the default versionin the upcoming updates. As you see, that's perfect since it's also very close to what STLM offers with weathers so I'd say both mods have a pretty good compatibility now. So long story short, what was "less dark" is now the base version of Weather Enhanced (with some minor changes). As you might imagine, it makes no sense to have another "less dark". So instead, I will make an "more dark" alternate version that will be like vanilla was.
However, for Weather Enhanced to work with STLM, you have to set an higher priority for WE in your mods.settings file ! There is an example at the bottom of the page in the compatibility section. 

What is coming next ? 
As far as weathers are concerned, I added every type of weather I wanted to add. However, if you have any other idea or some suggestion, don't hesitate to tell me. I'll gladly add it (if the current tools allow me to, of course). 
It doesn't mean that I am done with the mod though. There's some things that still need to be done :

-Fix the npcs reaction to Heavy blizzard -> That's tricky. I haven't found an easy way to do it yet. 

-Fix the leaves issue when inside town/interiors -> Thanks to essenthy I have a rough idea where this could done. However, with the current tool I
simply cannot do it the way it should be done. It would take lots and lots and lots of time and I just don't have it. However, I've been thinking about an alternate solution for this. It might works, it might not. I don't know for sure yet.

-Bypass the current weather system to have more control over it. I think it's possible. I will just take some time to implement it. It would allow the user to choose exactly what weather he wants and, for example, the % of good/bad weathers. No promise on that yet though. 

What is this about ?

Based off KNGRSM work with EWCM, this mod aim to add more variety to the weather in game. It keeps the extreme weather conditions of EWCM but also add more gentle conditions to No Man's Land/Novigrad, Skellige, White Orchard and Kaer Morhen.
At start I just wanted to mess a bit with weathers and see if I could find some nice things. This is my results so far. Tthis is still a beta release, and I'm looking forward to any feedback/suggestion

What the mod does exactly :
Using Extreme Weather Condition Mod, I put back the original lightning(thunderstrike effect) from the game (it was changed at some point in EWCM) and made it so the weathers of EWCM are spread to each regions (for example, heavy storms in Skellige only and regular storms in Novigrad/White Orchard). Then I added my own weathers. My goal was to add more variety to the gentle weathers. There is a total of 11 new weathers (+ the 9 from EWCM). Again, not all of them happens in each region. Weather will also change slightly more often.

How to use
The mod is now separated in two parts. 

ModWeathers will add all the new weathers to the game. You can use the main one or any of the optional ones. The main file and the optional ones do not work together. So you only have to get one of these.

ModWeathers - Script will add some script changes. For now, it makes Geralt reacts to the new weather by commenting on them. You can use this file with any variation of the ModWeathers.

I chose to keep these two separated in order to minimize the issue of script merging and to give as much flexibility as possible. In the future, I will make a third file containing only the changes to the w2p files that comes from EWCM (for now, they are in ModWeathers), since I saw some mods appearing and modifying these too.

So, you get this : 
- All of EWCM + 
- Calm wind 1 : A bit of wind, leaves flying around.
- Calm wind 2 : Darker than v1, more dust too.
- Cloudy : Lots of clouds, and cold feeling. 
- Foggy : Lot of fog, of course. 
- Windy & dusty : Lot of wind and dust, to echo the wind from the sea.
- Summer thunder : Thunder but no rain. Sky is a bit darker but not like heavy thunder.
- Heavy blizzard : A blizzard like the one you get in the snow world. 
- Summer Rain : Rain but with a sky that stays blueish. 
- Heavy Thunder : 2 versions, one for Skellige one for Novigrad. Basically another thunder-ish weather variation. 
- Super wind : Very strong wind, bit of dust and leaves flying, like the one you can get through montains.
- Dry and Sunny : very sunny, give a bit of a dry feeling to the land
- Grey : Very grey and overcast sky. Lots of clouds. Tries to look like the weather in Killing Monsters trailer. 

- KNGRSM Storm 1
- KNGRSM Storm 2
- KNGRSM Super Storm 1
- KNGRSM Super Storm 2
- Calm wind 1
- Calm wind 2
- Cloudy
- Summer thunder
- Summer Rain
- Heavy Thunder
- Dry and Sunny (new in 0.3)
- Foggy (new in 0.3)
- Grey (new in 0.4)

White Orchard
- KNGRSM Storm 1
- KNGRSM Storm 2
- KNGRSM Super Storm 1
- KNGRSM Super Storm 2
- Calm wind 2
- Cloudy
- Summer thunder
- Summer Rain
- Heavy Thunder
- Dry and Sunny (new in 0.3)

- KNGRSM Heavy Storm 1
- KNGRSM Heavy Storm 2
- KNGRSM Heavy Storm 3
- KNGRSM Super Storm 2
- Cloudy
- Foggy
- Windy & dusty
- Summer thunder
- Heavy blizzard
- Summer Rain
- Heavy Thunder
- Dry and Sunny (new in 0.3)
- Sleet (new in 0.3)

Kaer Morhen
- KNGRSM Heavy Storm 1
- KNGRSM Super Storm 1
- KNGRSM Super Storm 2
- Super wind 

All of the weathers are available through the console command in any area though. Simply type changeweather('....') with the values as follows :

if you want, you can also try these for fun but they are still WIP/not used/not really working well :

Installation :
Unzip the archive to YourGameInstallation/mods

Changelog :
v0.4 : adapted to work with both vanilla and STLM. Add grey weather to novigrad. 
v0.3 : fix a small issue with the script in some cases. Add a couple of new weathers. Add some variations to weathers in Wyzima and Winter epilogue.
v0.2 : fix bad weathers happening in Wyzima and Epilogue area.
v0.1 : initial release

Alternate versions uploaded :
- Only blizzard : Keep the vanilla weathers unchanged, only add heavy blizzard to Skellige.
- Only blizzard with EWCM : Keep vanilla and Extreme Weather condition mod as-is, but add heavy blizzard to Skellige.
- No leaves : This remove all the leaves flying around in various weather conditions (from both EWCM and mine). 
- No extreme : I only kept my weather conditions in this one. Extreme weathers from EWCM won't happen by themselves anymore, but they can be still loaded with the console if you want to.
- No HoS : Works without the expansion.This will only modify one of the skellige stormy weather. (HEAVY_THUNDER_SK).
- Less bad : I decreased the occurence of bad weathers and slightly increased the good ones. I will be looking at some feedback on this one, to see if it is properly balanced.
- No HoS No Leaves : Same as No leaves, for those who don't have HoS
- No HoS Less bad : Same as Less bad, for those who don't have HoS
- Less dark : The bad weathers will be less dark than in vanilla (new in 0.3)

Planned : 
- Add more and better screenshots of each weather.
- Enhance what is already done
- Fix NPCs reactions to new weathers

Need to be done and will be if I find out how to :
- NPCs reacts accordingly to the new weathers. (currently, this is mostly annoying for the heavy blizzard in Skellige. NPCs just stay outside.)

Compatibily issue

In order to work with STLM 2.x, you have to edit (or create) the mods.settings file in Documents/Witcher 3 and give an higher priority to Weather Enhanced. Something like that : 


HoS is required. However, there is alternate versions available for those who don't have it. 
The only mod not compatible that I know of is EWCM (included mostly here already), and anything else that changes the weathers.
The mod should be, however, 100% compatible with anything else, including anything that changes the lighting, including ULM/STLM/CSLM/...
There might be some compatibily issue with mods modifying some of the environment w2p files. Let me know if you find any.

ModWeathers - Script
Since the mod modifies, you might encounter some compatibily issue with various mods. In order to resolve them, you should use the ScriptMerging tool available on the Nexus. The changes are located between the lines 1069 and 1201.

KNGRSM of course, since I only took what he did and added some more stuff. 

You're free to use my work as it please you and use it as a base for you own project, enhance it, or do whatever you want with it. A small mention of me and/or KNGRSM would be cool though =).