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Base damage 5000 and new Meshes for Ursine (Bear) Steel and Silver sword

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General Information

This mod changes attributes and models of the Ursine (Bear) Witcher steel and silver lvl1 swords. Consider it a cheat mod, as it sets the base damage of both swords to 5000. This could change (even ruin) your game experience. Well, like it or hate it - I made it for myself, as I couldn't kill this faceless guy from HoS. Lame, I know.

So you won't forget you are playing in super-damage mode, two fine (yet crappy) sword models have been submitted to replace the original meshes
(codename 'Hansel and Gretel 5000').

Created with updated W3 ModKit (1.1). Tested with W3 version 1.11, HoS installed, storyline done.


You need to have a crafted lvl1 Ursine (Bear) steel and a lvl1 Ursine silver sword in your inventory before activating the mod. Install the mod, and the two swords appear with new stats and meshes. To be correct: You could also try to craft those when the mod is already active - but the calculated prices are quite high then. As for me, I went to the Hattori Blacksmith in Novigrad and let him do the work - then activated the mod.


To install, unpack and place folder in '...\The Witcher 3\mods\' directory.

Version Info

1.0  Initial version
1.1  Added modded xml file for Game+ mode. Still not sure if it works correctly in Game+, though (see text below).

Usage in Game+ mode

While enhanced sword stats worked for me in normal game, a switch-over to Game+ with these swords in inventory did not. Damage values went down to normal (even with the xml from gameplay\items_plus\ changed). It might be that one needs to possess the blueprints first and craft again after going Game+. Not sure about that. Appreciate any comment about your experiences with this mod in Game+. Thanks.

Modding Infos

Imported/Exported Files:
gameplay\items_plus\def_item_crafting_weapons.xml [with v1.1]

Added Files:

In def_item_crafting_weapons.xml, I added the following lines to Bear School Steel/Silver swords definition:

<SlashingDamage type="add" min="5000" /> [Steel Sword]
<SilverDamage type="add" min="5000" /> [Silver Sword]

Made the mod using W3MH, PaintShopPro 5 and C4D