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Variant texture for Netflix Henry Cavill V10

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I present you some Variant of Netflix Henry Cavill V10.

This Mod requaried Base Mod from Ultimate Henry Cavill.

In the near future I wouldn't support or update this mod (Real Life Priority), so hope you guys enjoy what I left for you and be kind to each other.

Simple as every mod, just drop the folder into your mods folder, located usually in The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\mods

STEAM: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\mods
GOG:  GOG Galaxy\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\mods

- Each File have 2 or 3 variant Chose only one texture and set as priority than Base V10 Mod

These mods will make the V10 experience much fun and closer to the Netflix show:

Netflix Ciri and Yennefer replace vanilla Ciri and Yen with Freya Allan adn Anya Chalotra from Netflix by Me
- Netflix Season 2 Hairstyle (set this mod Priority than V10) to replace half-tail hair style by Sharashaskah
Netflix Long Lose Hair Style (set this mod Priority than V10) for new Long Lose Hair Style by Me
Ultimate Henry Cavill Modular Eye and HoS Burning Mark (you need this mod for compatible with Modular eye mod and HoS Burning Mark mod)
- Modular Eyes (need to download recomended number 3) for the black toxic eye by Plasticmetal
Lore-Friendly Toxic 'Black Eyes' (Optional) (set this mod priority than V10) for the Variant toxic Eyes by Zowbaid
4k Beast Iris and Glowing Witcher Eyes (set this mod priority than V10) for Glowing eyes by Me with permission from Scoutbr0
Hearts of Stone Burning Mark (need to Download recomended number 3) Makes the mark from the HoS expansion burn permanently by Scoutbr0

Special Thanks to:
Draiamond to make the V10 and let me join the Team to finish V10.
Bjorn18 it's a nice time to know and work with him, to share Idea and experience.
Bathsebah the master behind my knowledge with Wkit, Blender and a lot of things I learn from her.
Wolven Workshop to answer and share they knowledge.
Zowbaid to share his knowledge with toxic mask and share some tips with the scar.
Renandantasid to support me since I start with the texture v8

And to all of you guys who enjoy Draiamond work with Netflix Henry Cavill, to sharing your opinion and feedback for V10.

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