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Improves Ray-Traced Reflections and Shadows

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      This mod improves the visuals of the Ray Traced Reflections and Shadows, so that they more accurately reflect the enviroment, and shadows are cast more accurately across the environment. The Ray-Tracing options are pretty barebones (just a toggle?), so this tweak compensates for the lack of higher quality presets. This tweak does not edit anything related to RT Global Illumination or Ambient Occlusion.
      There are other issues with Ray-Tracing, such as low-res clouds, blue/red ligthing on some assets, and other issues I won't list, but I've fixed what I could with the parameters available.

For comparison's sake, I've reduced the waves on the water's surface. Underneath the waves, that is what all reflections look like.


      Right now, the parameters used by the game offers very low quality reflections, with several concessions in regards to texture quality and object render distance, creating innacurate reflections and shadows. This tweak aims to remedy that, so is being rendered is being what is being reflected. The reflections aren't perfect, since they don't reflect 2D planes (such as the 2D version of the trees), and have some other bugs, but this is the next best thing achievable with just parameter tweaking.


      Ray Traced Shadows have similar concessions, they are capped to project a lower LOD version of the object and have an object size limit/distance, meaning that some small objects will not cast shadows until you come to a certain distance, creating shadow pop-in. So this tweak improves so that the shadows being displayed are the exact same from the object being rendered.


      I've noticed from my testing that in cities (which are the most demanding and object-filled locations) I've lost on between 7-14 FPS (from 75 to 61). So if you want to extrapolate some metris from that, feel free to do so, but bear in mind its the worst case scenario. Obviously this is not one of those "Optimized RT Settings" tweaks, but it should fill in for the lack of future-proofed "High/Ultra RT" setting.


1. Download the file;
2. Extract it using the unpacker of your choosing (eg. winzip/winrar/7zip);
3. Drag and drop the extracted folder onto your game directory, it should automatically place the file onto the correct place

4. Play the game.


1. Remove the file "RT_ImprovedReflectionsAndShadows.ini" folder from the your "The Witcher 3\bin\config\platform\pc" folder.