The Witcher 3
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Removes the "Points required in this branch" limitation when learning skills.

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Made with Patch 1.10 + Hearts of Stone! Requires New Start! (currently doesn't work with HOS new start)
UPDATE: Added an alternate file that gives you 3 points per level!

Removes the "Points required in this branch" limitation when learning skills.
You can build your character freely even at low levels.

Unlike other balancing mods, this mod ONLY unlocks the skill restriction.
This does NOT re-balance the enemies or Geralt stats.

I've used many combat tweak mods but they have certain balancing issues that can break the game later on.
After starting a new game many times, I've made a conclusion; Vanillia is the BEST!
However, I did like the flexibility of skill builds BCE provided, and decided to make a mod that only includes free skill learning.

The good thing about this mod is it solely changes "geralt_skills.xml" and contains no script, so you can use it safely in conjunction with other mods (as long as they don't alter the same file). This is my very first mod, and I had to learn everything from the start. Special thanks to realultimatepower for inspiring me!

Unzip "modnoskillrestriction" to your Mods folder. Use Script Merger if you're using multiple mods (But this Mod doesnt have any scripts).

This mod edits "geralt_skills.xml".

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