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Last updated at 11:13, 9 May 2017 Uploaded at 21:32, 23 Aug 2015


Select desired amount of skill slots (96, 72, 60, 36, 24, 20, 16)! Activate as many mutations as you want.

Latest v3.5 compatible with game version 1.31.

This mod will conflict with any mod that changes mutations, so before update you need to deactivate all active mutations activated by other mods and uninstall all other mods that modify mutations (follow the mod uninstall steps if provided by mod author). You don't need to do this if you are updating from Slots Slots Slots mod v3.0+.

Read Usage section of description for details.

1. Installation

1. Choose the proper mod version (GOTY is the Game Of The Year Edition, you have GOTY if you bought GOTY version, if you bought standard version and all DLCs you have non-GOTY version):

 * Recommended (Steam and GoG, GOTY and non-GOTY versions). Use Unification Patch by wghost81 (don't forget to endorse it) and download file

Unification Patch will make your version of the game almost identical to GOG GOTY version of the game (GOG GOTY version after this patch will be backward compatible with non-GOTY versions) and allow mod authors to release single version of their mods compatible with all versions of the game. This is required if you want to use Slots mod with Friendly HUD mod and some other mods (you should use Script Merger and merge mods as always).

 * If you don't want to use Unification Patch and you have Steam version of the game download file

 * If you don't want to use Unification Patch and you have GoG non-GOTY version of the game download file

 * If you don't want to use Unification Patch and you have GoG GOTY version of the game download file

2. Make a backup copy of your save game folder before using any mods!

3. Unpack archive to the <game_installation_dir>\mods folder (steam path example: D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Witcher 3\mods).
If mods folder doesn't exist, create it. Check that you don't create modSlotsSlotsSLOTS inside modSlotsSlotsSLOTS folder when unpacked. The final path should look like that <game_installation_dir>\mods\modSlotsSlotsSLOTS\ inside you should see content folder.

4. Use Script Merger.
Use Script Merger to resolve mod conflicts.

5. Set desired amount of skill slots.
After loading existing save or starting the new game first time after mod installation go to in-game menu Options->Gameplay->Skill Slots Count and select desired amount of skill slots (this should be done via in-game menu not on start screen).

2. Manual configuration (Optional Installation Step)

Please note: in most cases if you don't have the new options inside Gameplay section of the in-game menu (options are added only to in-game setting menu not to start screen options menu) that means something went wrong during mod installation and mod may not work as intended. You should try to resolve the issue first.

In some cases when the in-game menu options are not available you may want to manually configure mod options.

The manual configuration made using file It is located inside modSlotsSlotsSLOTS folder:


You may edit it using notepad. Inside you will find some small amount of code with detailed instructions on where and what values you may change.

If the value for some option set to something else then -1 the item for this option will be hidden from game menu.

When you have set some option manually it will be applied next time you open the skill menu in game (some changes will require you to confirm changes in confirmation dialog that pops up when you open the skill menu). In case you've changed both options same time you have to open the skill dialog twice to confirm both changes.

3. Uninstall

Deactivate all active mutations if any.
Change slots count to 12 in the options menu.
Deselect unlock all skill slots checkbox in Gameplay menu if was selected.
Save the game into new save slot.
Remove the mod folder from <game_installation_dir>\mods folder.

4. Usage

After loading existing save or starting the game first time after mod installation go to game menu Options->Gameplay->Skill Slots Count and select desired amount of skill slots (this should be done via in-game menu not on start screen).

To equip skill in hidden slot just place the skill in the first skill slot of any skill group the "use hidden slot" confirmation dialog will appear. If you agree to use hidden slot skill will be equipped in the first free hidden skill slot of that group. If you disagree to use hidden slot skill will be equipped in the selected skill slot.

Skill tool tip will show you in what skill slot and skill group the skill equipped.

To uneqiup skill from hidden slot you should place that skill in any default (not hidden) slot (like when you move the skill from one slot to another) and then remove it from that slot as usual.

Empty slot tooltip will show you the total number of skill slots (including the hidden).

Skills in the hidden slots are also add synergy bonus to the skill group mutagen just like the skills in the default slots. The hidden slots are distributed equally between the 4 skill groups. To control the synergy bonuses power you may want to place some skills into skill groups with non-matching mutagen color so the skill will be active but will not add synergy bonus.

You can see all equipped skills grouped by mutagen slot groups in Statistics screen (Press C on Inventory screen or on Skills screen)

How Multiple Mutations works (mod v3.0+):

You may activate any number of mutations same time (mutations can be unlocked during one of Blood and Wine DLC quests). Just activate new mutation as always, you'll see that all previously active mutations stay active.

You can't deactivate single mutation. When you deactivate any active mutation all active mutations deactivated.

Mutation skill slots will be colored as mutation activated first.

There is minor bug with master mutation (Strengthened Synapses) appearance on Mutations screen: the master mutation will have color of random active mutation not the first one.

REMEMBER: You should deactivate all mutations and save the game before mod uninstall.

5. Tech information

This mod contains modified versions of


It will may be incompatible with other mods that modify any of this files (see Troubleshooting section for details).

6. Known incompatible mods

  • HealthRegeneration Mod (thanks Ikma9)
  • Active Learner
  • MadSkillz
  • Custom Localization Fix
  • 90000 weight limit. Workaround (credits to geraltzrewi):

  • Spoiler


  • If you are using GOTY edition (v1.31) and have problems with this mod try this solution. Use GOTY version of the mod.
  • If you see errors with " 'Could not find function 'IsAllDLCsAvailable' " try to use previous version of Slots mod v3.4. The mod based on Steam version script sources, after latest update (1.31) Steam version differs from 1.31 GoG non-GOTY version which cause the error with Slots mod v3.5 to appear.
  • You see errors with any mods installed.


  • You have several mods installed and you see errors during first launch of the game after this mod installation or the game crashes when you trying to use mod slider in options menu. There is a description of mod conflict here under the spoiler (click "Show" button to display the possible solutions).

  • Spoiler

    • Q. It keeps telling me no empty hidden slot found but I didn't use any hidden slots yet.
    • A. For the latest version of the mod you should set desired amount of skill slots using the game menu or manually.

    • Q. I've installed version with different number of slots but I still have same number of slots as in previously installed mod version.
    • A. (for v1.4 only) You should use Potion of Clearance to force the game to refresh hidden slots.


    Thanks to user 534134293 for GOTY compatible mod update.

    Why slots hidden?

    GUI panels are compiled into swf files but with non standard format modifications from CDPR and it seems that the game engine uses Scaleform player to show it in game.

    As for now it is possible to edit redswf files but the process is painful because instruments has limited capabilities (it is possible to make some small changes by editing low level functions inside swf files).

    Mod Lucky Gwent for example required some minimal changes inside redswf file.

    As for now I don't see the way to add more GUI skill slots.

    Enjoy! Remember to endorse if it works for you!