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Just what every witcher needs on the Path! Gives Geralt a unique razor so he can shave during those long trips around the Continent without having to find a barber.

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Geralt smiled to himself and slid lower in the tub of water. Six hands were working in unison to scrub him clean. Six immaculately skilled hands belonging to the best servants in all of Nilfgaard. He could get used to this treatment. Why hadn't Yen led off with this? If he had known he would get this type of treatment, he would have gladly accompanied her to Vizima for an audience with the Emperor.

A sound caught his attention. Opening his eyes, he saw a gruff man standing before him. The man waved his hand in a motion that clearly meant something to the servants. Within seconds they abandoned their posts and Geralt was alone with the man. On second thought, he suddenly wished he had stayed with Vesemir.

A few moments later, Geralt was seated in a nearby chair. He was being asked by a Nilfgaardian General to recount his experiences during the time he was believed to be King Foltest's murderer. A barber lurked nearby, deftly swiping at patches of Geralt's overgrown and mangy beard. The barber was skilled. He knew better than to step between the two men while they were talking, so he waited for a pause in the conversation to continue his task.

"The fate of the defending commander?" asked the General. "One Aryan?"

Geralt took a deep breath. When he did, the barber swiped. Geralt barely felt the blade of the razor glide along his face. The barber was good. The edge of that razor was better. Geralt looked at the tool. Only the best in the Empire. A long wooden handle inlaid with bone? Or was that ivory? Geralt told himself that he would get a closer look.

"Aryan escaped," Geralt answered. "Set fire to the castle on his way out."

"Ah, so that is how the blaze started." The General's eye twinkled as though a long-lost idea suddenly materialized and clicked into place. "Our reports suggested the dragon was responsible." That look in his eye conveyed that he did not believe the reports. "Moving on. You then found shelter in charming Flotsam, and from there made your way to Vergen. My question is - how?"

Geralt took another breath and thought about his answer, during which time the barber darted in and swiped again. Clenching his teeth, he slowly looked at the barber and panned his eyes down to the shiny blade in the man's hand. "Oh yes," Geralt thought. "I will certainly get a closer look at that blade."

Geralt turned his attention back to the young Nilfgaardian General. He was growing tired of the questions, but he knew that the sooner he answered, the sooner he would be on his way. He answered the rest of the man's questions upon which, looking satisfied with the exchange, the General departed the room.

The Witcher was again left in the company of the gruff man, who instructed him to get dressed. He looked at the racks of clothing, but before he set about making a selection, a sly grin turned up the corners of his lips. He turned around and looked into the bath room. There stood the barber with his back turned to the witcher, washing his hands. And there, on the table just to the side of the chair Geralt had been sitting in, was the razor. Sparkling and calling out to him via his witcher senses. Geralt broke into a full smile now as he silently stepped back into the room and swiped the razor from under the nose of the barber.

~Detailed Description~
The Cut-Throat Razor is a unique item that Geralt can collect and use throughout his search for Ciri to keep up his well-groomed appearance. Simply activating it via the inventory menu will reset Geralt's appearance to shaved.

Note: this does not stop Geralt's beard from growing. It simply gives him a tool with which he can shave when it does grow.

~Acquiring the Cut-Throat Razor~
The Cut-Throat Razor is an item that is acquired during the prologue upon arriving in Vizima. After Geralt is done bathing, shaving, and being interrogated, Chamberlain Mererid instructs him to select an outfit to wear for the meeting with Emhyr. Turn around and return to the room with the barber. On a table in the center of the room is a treasure chest containing the razor. It will be available in the inventory screen for the remainder of the game thereafter.  It is intended to be picked up during the normal course of the game (during a fresh start playthrough), but can be added via console command at any time.  Therefore, there are two ways to add the Cut-Throat Razor to inventory:

  1. Collect it during the quest "Imperial Audience" (during the Prologue after leaving White Orchard) where it can be found in a treasure chest on top of a table in the same room where Geralt takes a bath, or
  2. Add it with this command:

To remove the Razor from inventory, either disable the mod via the Gameplay menu or remove the item from inventory using this command:

There are two methods to install this mod:
  1. Automated Method - Download and enable using a mod manager.  This mod has been fully tested and works with Vortex.
  2. Manual Method - download the file and extract the contents.  dlcRazorMax goes into your Witcher3\DLC folder; modRazorMax goes into your Witcher3\Mods folder.

 Be sure to enable Mod: Cut-Throat Razor in the Gameplay menu.  It should be On by default.

To uninstall, disable via your mod manager or delete folders dlcRazorMax and modRazorMax.

This mod should be compatible with just about everything out there.  Use Script Merger to merge the script (if necessary).

This mod supports localization and has been translated for all languages. The English localization file (.csv) is included. If you want to revise any of the languages, make the changes in the strings_en.csv file and send it back to me. I will include it in a future update.

~Credit and Thanks~
Special shoutout to MerseyRockoff who gave me the idea as well as an early concept version that I used to expand into this mod.

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