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AMM allows you to change appearances from menu and a push of a button.
Change: Hair, Beard, Face, Head, Capes, Shoulders, Accessories and more...
Replace equipped armor for ANY Set Witcher or Common. No stats changes
Also FULLY change Roach without need to worry about stats!

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AMM 2.2.1
Just a compatibility version. Only thing that changed was the don't worry about anything else.

AMM 2.2!

You've been waiting for far too long, here it is! :D

What's different from the 2.1b? A LOT!

Will start saying that I optimized the code to make AMM lighter. (at least in theory)
And before you read the changes, know that unfortunately you will have to reinstall/remerge the whole thing, but it's necessary as the way AMM's Class functions are called from other Classes was changed as part of the optimization.
Beware that AMM has become a tiny bit more intrusive in the sword classes.
We have 2 more keys now (really useful ones) which means, input.settings and input.xml have to be set again.
Also a new script was needed to be changed, be sure to merge this one too if you have conclicts.

The list of general changes:
- Fixed Sword Scabbards not Appearing back after Disabling AMM.
- Fixed Common Gloves Slider, Common Chest Slider
- Fixed Skellige Gambeson not appearing
- Fixed Concept Fur streching and added a Concept Fur Full (It looks different because of technical reasons but does still look nice) 
- Fixed ALL Knight Helmets clippings and Named them better
- Added to Head Gear: Thief Hood and Cat T5 Hood
- Now using any hood will load the Cat Hood Hair
- Added to Accessories Bear lvl 5 Skirt, Concept Belt No Bags, Feathers for the Toussaint Helmets, Mirror Man Hood Down and Cat T5 Hood Down.
- Rearranged the Knight Accessories: The categories are now together, named them for better identification and Removed some useless stuff (in my opinion)

- Added Ice Armor FX for Roach
- Added Fera's Pintos Horses (ofc you will need her DLC for this to work)

Now the HIGHLIGHT changes:

- You can now Change SWORDS!! 115 Steel Swords and 78 Silver Swords!
Yeah! You can have your sword looking as whatever sword you want, no stats changes!
So yeah... no more XML/Model Swaping swords mods needed... for vanilla swords.
(No Crossbows yet sry... needs some tricky tricks)


- You will be able to toggle effects of the Olgierd Sabre(Iris) and Aerondight effects for the Custom Swords if you have the real deal swords Iris and Aerondight the charge system will remain the same( I don't want to break a gameplay functionality...)

- Introducing a fast way of changing stuff:
Now using console you can select a Slider and use the new keys Slider Up and Slider Down(Default keys PageUp and PageDown)

The function is called "amms"(originaly was "ammselect" as seen from the video) and it receives a "name" parameter.
So let's say you want to change the Witcher Set chest piece.

1. Type on console: amms(chest) and press enter
2. Close console and try to change the piece using Page Up/Down

To make it faster I included just for some sliders, the ones I judged more important:
List of the available "names":
For Witcher Sets: chest, gloves, legs, boots
For Common Sets: cchest, cgloves, clegs, cboots
For accessories: acc1 to acc10
For Head Gear: headgear
For Swords: stsword, svsword
For Scabbards: stscab, svscab

Note: All the sliders will just refresh the specific piece so if you find some weirdness while switching stuff make a full refresh pressing the Refresh Button.
Example of weirdness: When changing to Hooded Cat T5 the hair will stay there clipping. Make a full refresh to make it normal again.

Known Issues:
- Concept Belt(with Bags) still bugs some armors! If you were using an armor that bugs and was fast changing accessories using "Slide Up or Down" buttons, the armor will remain bugged until you press the Refresh Button.
- Custom Swords disappear when aiming bombs.(not related to auto hide, this was a workaround for a weird problem regarding custom swords and throwing bombs...)
- Auto Hide functionality was not changed and may still hide swords during combat.

AMM 2.1b - Compatible with 1.22 (Forgive me the messy description page I will make it better another day :p )

More brief notes...

Firstly I know that the new items will have a ## at the begining of their names... find them :)
Second I know that the helmets are clipping. Although the Open ones are really usable as is, I will fix all of them for the final version of the release...

Lost count of how many stuff were added...

Witcher Sets lvl 5 + Manticore Sets
Common Sets (Vampire Sets, Errant Knight Sets, Guard Armors, Bauclair Casual, Knights NPC Armors)
Accessories(Knight Stuff: Shoulder Plates, Elbow Protection, Knees Protection, Hip Protection ... and some in my opinion useless stuff that I plan to remove on the final release)
Horses(Hairs, Tails, Saddles, Champrons )
Unicorns (White and Pink + Horns as Accesory to make any Horse you want a Unicorn lol)

Keep in mind this is a Beta and I didn't have time to check all stuff in detail. So the names of the stuff are not much detailed...

For the Grandmaster Armors Textures use this or any texture mod you have for them.

AMM 2.0.1

Ok I will be brief because I have so much stuff to do.

First, this is mostly a compatibility version for patch 1.21 and as all the scripts changed you will need to do a FULL INSTALL.
(Good news are you will keep your Favorites settings :) )

I did not include any Blood & Wine or added stuff from the patch. Not yet. No time to add them... wanted to get this running soon as possible for you.

There are some new stuff though:
Lambert full body
Accessories - W2 Belt (totally reworked and looking awesome)

Fixed the Bolt appearing when swiming and talking to NPC (beware to the new code inside regarding this when merging)

Added an Autohide Weapons Functionality. Think of this like an auto refresh when put the swords back. So be sure to set the weapons to hide and sccabards. (It's really in a raw state right now, i will make it better later) 

Finally... I got all the Witcher Sets to load... however...
As I predicted the entities that are "dye able" now have red textures, so AMM loads the entities red... similar to the hood without texture. 
So you will need to download this texture mod which reverts the colors pre-patch for the Witcher Sets. Or you could use any other texture mod to load them presentable...

If you have problems with the Horse in Blood & Wine map tell me pls. I didn't test there yet.


What it does!?

AMM allows you to change appearances from Geralt and/or Roach from menu without having to use console or singular w2ent toggles.
You can do it all on the same menu.

Don't worry about the Stats... change to whatever armor pieces you like and the Stats will remain the same!

Change: Hair, Beard, Face, Head, Capes, Shoulders, Accessories and more...
Enable SWORD Effects

Better seen than said... Click the Videos Button to see just some of AMM's features.

The video is from 1.8 but contains the main steps, just misses the DLC part Read how to do it)

-  download both main files "AMM Scripts and Horse Mod" and "AMM Menu Inputs DLCs"

- The AMM Scripts file you can Install with NMM or unpack to mods folder in the main folder of Witcher 3 (if the folder does not exist create it)

- As for the second file "AMM Menu Input DLCs" you HAVE to follow some manual steps!
You cannot install the second file with NMM

- Unpack anywhere and copy the contents of the files to their respective ones:

- Copy the bin folder to the <Witcher 3 install folder> (which has a "bin" folder already NOT the folder where the ".exe" is).
This step will copy the AMM.xml and AMMRoach.xml to the right place. 
(which is <Witcher 3 install folder>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc)

- Copy the DLCAMM and DLCAMMHORSE folders to your <Witcher 3 install folder>\DLC

For the following steps make a backup of the original files in case you screw something up.
(Make the backup to another folder, else the changes will not apply and your keybidings will not not work)

"inputs.txt" content have to be copied and pasted to the beginning of input.settings. 
(Which is located in <My Documents>\The Witcher 3)
(If you set this to Read Only, uncheck the box, it have to be writeable or will not save the config)

"hiddenxml.txt" content should be pasted in the hidden.xml file ABOVE THE LAST </VisibleVars>
Like this >  (beware that the current version has much more lines) 

(hidden.xml is located in <Witcher 3 install folder>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc)

"inputsxml.txt" content should be pasted in the input.xml file BELOW THE FIRST <VisibleVars> 
(input.xml is located in <Witcher 3 install folder>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc)

"nextgensteps.txt" content should be pasted in the both dx11filelist.txt and dx12filelist.txt file AT THE BOTTOM 
(dx1Xfilelist.txt is located in <Witcher 3 install folder>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc)


IF Even then It fails, try to add near or between existing entries!

IMPORTANT: You have to ADD the lines! DO NOT replace/delete the existing ones of the original files.

Getting something like this:

Then Ingame you will have this:
(The current version has more keybindings)



This mod alters
, input.xml and input.settings

If you have other mod that uses
you will have to merge them.
Script Merger might help.

Also now the AMM modifies another these files: , (these files do the magic so the sword effects work) (Changes Roach appearance on Spawn)

If you have conflicts with any of these files, also merge them.


How to use?

A Menu named MODS will appear under the OPTIONS menu. Inside there will be two other submenus: APPEARANCES and ROACH APEARANCES.

Entering them you will find the stuff separated on categories.
Select what you want in the other submenus, use ESC all the way back to the game and press the Refresh Appearances button.
(Configurable in Keybindings Options settings if you installed the mod correctly)

Default Keys, are:
END - Refresh Appearance
Insert - Head Gear and Cape Toggle

UP Arrow - AMM On/Off Toggle

Right Arrow - Select Favorite Up
Left Arrow - Select Favorite Down
Delete - Save Favorite (To the selected slot)
Down Arrow - Load Selected Favorite

Some VERY Important Notes

The mod does not refresh appearances automatically upon closing the menu, you have to push the Refresh Button!

The First Run:

- YOU WILL BE INVISIBLE except part of the Neck. Go to Toggles enable your Head and Refresh.

My head do not appear even when ON!!
IF your head do not appear, Go to HEAD and move the Beard Selection Slider or Enable Bear Growth Mode and try refreshing again.

- Just for the first time, to load the Very First item on a slider (for example: Head > Head Gear Selection > Hood) Move the slider to another position and go back to it.(No need to exit the menu)

My Sets Are Clipping!
Keep calm and Toggle > Show Body > OFF, also be sure that you did not leave the same part of the Set Selected in both Witcher and Common Sets

My Horse is Missing!
First Try to select the Brown Horse or the Black Horse one and refresh. If it appears, then you tried to select a Fera's Horse.
If you did, make sure to have Fera's Roach Variants DLCs , so you have all the variety of Horses, Manes and Tails available.
If you don't need to change the horse skins ignore the above and just select the Saddles and Stuff...

If Roach do not appear at all, then you've reached the (Unknown) Mod Limit. So you need to remove some less important mods of merge some into one big package. 

AHHHH!!! My Eyes!!! "Everything" is Red!!

Indeed... Basicaly every Witcher Set, Hoods and some accessories from Geralt and Roach are Red.

For now(maybe ever), my mod bypasses the Dye System introduced in Game Patch 1.21.
So it loads their Diffuse textures as they are: Red and Blue.

Making it short ... If you need another color you will need Texture mods for that. Below what I recommend, for:

Hood, Capes and some Accessories -

Some other Accessories -

Restore the Original Witcher Sets Colors -

Sets Grandmaster to Default Colors -
Thanks and Credits!

SkacikPL - For starting all this with his Persistent Appearances mods. None of this would be possible if he didn't made his mods in the first place!

erxv - Thanks For the Crossbow fix, the Presets(even though I didn't ask xD ) and most importantly the Swords Changes "Help" :D

marvelmaster - For discovering the custom menus possibility!

KNGR - For all the help, ULM, which I based some of the code from and discovering how to read/write vars from the custom menus! :) (just genious!)

Feradiera - For your awesome Horses! ;)