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Netflix Henry Cavill V8 NEXTGEN

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V10 released:
Ultimate Henry Cavill Mod at The Witcher 3 Nexus - Mods and community (

This mod was made taking into account every detail of Henry Cavill's face, analyzing numerous photos and put through thorough testing.
So i'll start off by saying there were a lot of changes we wanted to make for V8 but it turns out it was a bit too much even for us, so some other changes will have to come in smaller updates such as the future V9 update.

The V9 update future changelog will be at the bottom of the description so please read it before you think about suggesting anything, if you read it and still have an unlisted idea that sems feasible , list it in a comment and we will get back to you with whether or not we think it's a good idea or not.

Now onto the current update which is V8, we thought about taking longer and releasing everything at once but then you'd have to wait a whole lot longer so we thought releasing this big update and then smaller ones would make the wait a bit more bearable.
With that said here is the current changelog for today's update.

V8 Changelog:
-New Body Belt influenced by the netflix armors replacing the brown one that looks out of place with the new armors.

-New Body( Entirely new mesh with new textures modelled closely after looking at countless pictures of shirtless Cavill, my search history needs wiping now.)

-New Diffuse ( New face Textures , complete with shaving scene, HoS. Toxicity textures retouched but not perfect yet)

-New Eyes

-Refitted S1 and S2 Armors, including boots fitting tighter around his legs, S1 Gloves were also retouched to make them tighter instead of loose and large as they were in the original armor, S2 pauldrons remodelled and overall armor fits better.)

-Added a new Hair(Hair3) based off the scene of Geralt at Kaer Morhen in S2.

-Added the famous Shirt which was missing from CDPR's official update sadly.

-Bug Fixes ( Eye dot thing will be fixed tomorrow, white face spots , over wetness, body fixes, all seams...)

-Beards refitted

On the release of V8 there were some bugs that got through testing as various versions got mixed up, as a result of that things like hair clipping and teeth missing happened and so we had to revert back to an alpha version of V8.
We have fixed everything we noticed was wrong and have now released the updated V8.
This version should have next to no issues but please let us know if you find anything.


- Fixed missing teeth / red teeth;

-Added Hair3 back with a new style similar to the KAer Morhen episode, puffy looking messy hair;

- Fixed seams on wrists/hands;

-Fixed texture bug on fingers;

-Fixed arm clipping through shirt;

-Reverted S2 Armor to original colors ( Recolor will come as an optional file later on,the same will be done for S1)

-Eye dot thing removed;

-Belt clipping on body when no armor is on fixed.

As we made some changes to the S1 armor, including a drastic stylistic decision in regards to the gloves, it's very likely they won't work with the other armors, they'll work perfectly with the S1 armor which was our main focus.

The eye dot thing was fixed previously but it created another bug in which the teeth went missing, so for now the dots will stay as they're only visible sometimes and its less of an eyesore as a toothless Geralt.
Hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed.

V9 and future updates
For V9 we already have a couple of things planned (THIS DOES NOT MEAN CHANGES WILL BE FINAL OR THAT THEY WILL 100% BE IN V9)
-1 longer hair

-Toxic eyes and toxic diffuse retouch.

-Darker S1 armor and S2 armor as optional.

- Gray eyebrow hairs( Maybe 3d)

- Redo hair texture 

- More stubble

- Fix eye openess

If you have some suggestions we'd love to hear them.
Last but not least, as its apparently necessary to mention this everytime we update this.
We all have real lives with real jobs and real responsibilities, do not forget that. We're doing this with exactly 0 payoff so we have to do this in our own time, constantly pressuring us for a release doesn't help anyone and doesnt make the release come any faster, as always , constructive criticism is welcome but rude and troll comments will be removed.
Thank you and have fun.

Current members:

Draiamond - Creator of the Project, 3D modelling, Texturing and edits.

Old Members:
kira5z - Bug Testing, Recolors.
rdantas71 - Shaving Scene Textures and bug testing. V7 Only
(left the project cause of exhaustion based on trolling of some nexus users)

(Skip to the installation part if you're not interested in reading this):

Normally we wouldn't find it necessary to put a text like this, because saying some things is obvious, but it is necessary. 
There was a lot of conflict during the v6 release, yes there was positive feedback that we took into account, but there were also trolls, people pressuring us in insane ways, offensive comparisons to say the least. 
In no way do we want to curtail freedom of expression, but I can tell you from personal experience that there is a gulf between freedom of expression and freedom of offense. 
The comments that were addressed to us in a polite, CIVILIZED manner, we took into account and applied to improve v7 to the best of our capabilities, it may not seem like it, but behind every modder there is a human being, with work, personal life and dreams. It's hard to reconcile all of this and on top of that, arriving after a hard day's work and reading insults about a project that we developed FOR FREE, and for LOVE. 
So I ask you, please, if you have bugs to report, if you have suggestions, please do so respectfully. 
We're all adults, let's be civil.

Simple as every mod, there is no secret, just drop the folder into your mods folder, located usually in The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\mods

STEAM: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\mods
GOG:  GOG Galaxy\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\mods


Whoever is willing to help us, or do some edits, get in touch, please, don't do the editing by yourself without first
contacting us, we will treat you well if you treat us well too.

Please report any bugs you find to the bugs section, be kind and polite.
Any comment that is rude will be ignored and if it is exaggerated it will be deleted.

And yes, we know a small bug that is the DLC wedding robe not working properly on the neck seams, no ETA currently when we will able to fix that, but is the smallest bug we find in our testing

These mods will make the experience much closer to what you expect from something similar to the Netflix show:


Netflix Season 2 Witcher armor  - By Draiamond and Rdantas71

Season 1 Netflix Set (Full version) - By sesorizcl


This Is The Netflix Haircut And More - By sesorizcl

LIGHTING (For better immersion):

Grim Lighting Revived (Next-Gen) - By Banjomir777

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