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Eliminates the occasional input lag in next gen when moving from idle or turning around from idle.

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CDPR added new nodes to pc_overlay.w2beh.  Among then are transitiontimes for some idle animations that could make Geralt feel unresponsive even with Alternative Movement on the Next Gen Patch 4.00 Hotfix2.

Simply extract the file and drop the dlc into your dlc folder.  It will overwrite pc_overlay.w2beh while it exists in your dlc folder.

This is not compatible with other mods that change pc_overlay.w2beh.  SCAAR is one such mod, but it already used its own version of pc_overlay and never had the input lag.  That's the better option if you want more features, whereas this has CDPR's implementation of 2handed swordplay when fighting threatening enemies (and whatever else they added to the file).

Mod Makers: I documented changes made to behavioral nodes in an optional download.  Feel free to copy those in your own mods that alter pc_overlay.w2beh.

Installing: Download and extract file.  Drop dlcmovementinput fix into your dlc folder.  If updating from previous version, delete dlcpcgameplayfix