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Replaces all the low-quality background community character models with high-quality character models.

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Compatible versions for v4.0.2 Next-Gen available
Next-Gen compatible versions of this mod have the modifications for the pyre cutscene files removed (as it is now properly fixed in v.4.0.*). Novigrad community guards are also removed, as CDPR made them all high-quality in Next Gen game versions.

Witcher 3 makes extensive use of single-appearance-file background character models in the game that have poor LOD, poor light reflection properties, and no facial animation when commenting. This mod replaces all 200+ character files in the game that use these low-quality character models. The overhaul includes civilian males and females, community guards, children and non-humans for the vanilla game and all DLCs.

PLEASE NOTE: This mod does NOT change all NPCs!!! It only edits non-interactive background community characters that are low-quality in vanilla (about 40% of all background community characters - mostly in Novigrad). The rest of the non-interactive background community characters were already high-quality. Skellige, for example, has 0% low-quality background community characters.

This mod is 100% compatible with the BiA Bug Fix mod, but should be used in a higher priority.

In some areas this mod could slightly reduce character variety (as community characters and quest characters may occasionally use the same appearances), but at the trade-off of higher quality. Most vanilla low quality community character models however use exactly the same face, with only some colour variations on their generic outfits. So, in this respect, community models will now have more variety.

This mod significantly increases the stress on the game engine in crowded settings, which may result in characters T-posing and/or their heads being suspended at a right angle next to their bodies. In mild cases, this happens for a brief moment, but I've seen cases where this can continue for a prolonged period. The only way to reduce the risk, or frequency of occurrence, is to lower the game menu video graphics setting for 'number of background characters'. 'Medium' is recommended.

Also, please note that changing character appearances any time during a playthrough, could result in invisible body parts displaying (especially during certain cutscenes), since the game evidently saves some texture and mesh information in the savegame files. These issues can be erratic and unpredictable and are often different for different people. Starting a new playthrough, and not changing character appearances during a playthrough, is the only guaranteed way to avoid these issues.

For BiA Bug Fix mod, put this mod in a higher priority (since BiA v7.1)
For Faction Appearance Project, put FAP in a higher priority.
For Warmly Dressed Skelligers there are no conflicts, so it should be compatible in any priority order.

This mod does not edit models or meshes, it simply reassigns models/meshes to community characters, so it is fully compatible with mods that do edit models/meshes like HDPR and HC4K.

mod0_LQCCR_NftP_CompatibilityPatch is a compatibility patch for Names From the Path Please put it in a higher priority than LQCCR (this mod) and NftP (Names from the Path).

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