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N'Tak' Music is a lightweight mod that allows to make the volume of the music change dynamically. It is easily tweakable with a config' menu.

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From my N'Tak' Tweaks series: Camera / Horse / Music / Talks / Time,
These mods are meant to be lightweight and with minimal scripts merging impact, they affect only a few lines in the vanilla code.
The configuration is made user-friendly with an in-game menu, allowing to tweak as you wish.

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N'Tak' Music allows to make the volume of the music respond dynamically to the different game states. It can be used, for example, to reduce music volume during focus, to mute the music during dialog, to change the volume when underwater or during the night-time…
It also allows to create a cycle to switch - with a fade - between music and silence during exploration. By inserting phases of silence, the music phases seem a bit less repetitive.
Want more detail about how it works? Read the sticky in the posts section.


⋅ Drop the content of the zip in your Witcher 3 installation directory.
⋅ Got other script-mods ? Use the Script Merger. There should not be many conflicts.
⋅ To use the configuration menu in Next-Gen, make sure to add the line "modNTakMusic.xml;" in the lists files (dx11filelist.txt and dx12filelist.txt) in the folder “bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\”.
 This mod is obviously not compatible with any other mod that prevent musics by simply removing parts of the logics in the scripts !


The mod adds the file modNTakMusic.xml to the “bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\” folder.
The config' menu can be found in-game, through the main menu → Options → Mods → N'Tak' Tweaks → Music.
Check the screenshot of the configuration menu in the images section to see all the options.
 A csv file is available in case you want to do the translation for your language.


I liked the idea of the mod Less Is More : toggling the music playback OFF/ON to add silences in the game.
But one of the problem (imho) with the toggling is that when you toggle OFF and ON, the music restarts from the beginning.
So, I wanted to try another approach here : changing the volume. That way, when the volume rises after a silence, it should be in the middle of a song.
Then, the mod grew a bit when I had the idea of using the states to dynamically change the volume.
And of course, I made it configurable as much as possible.
I do like config' menus, y'know ? Yay ! \o/


Classic version only:
Music Overhaul Project Redux by ElectronicOldManPrime, original mod by Moahofer30


⋅ Inspired by Less Is More from Cohgent.
⋅ Aeltoth for his help and kindness. Check his work on GitHub !
⋅ All the NexusMods community for creating so many amazing mods.
⋅ CD Projekt Red for the game, of course.