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Unlocked special abilities & signs, Signs use Focus points to cast up-to 3 times, Melee attacks cost stamina, Rebalanced focus regeneration, skills and effects.

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Combat Resource Overhaul 

Unlocked Skills (No Slot Requirement)...

Whirl (light special attack)... Rend (heavy special attack)... Arrow Deflection
Alternative Aard... Alternative Igni... Alternative Quen... Alternative Yrden... Alternative Axii

These skills can be used straight away from level 1. They can be upgraded via their original skill location in the skill tree. However, to use the upgrades, you must still equip them into a slot just like any other skill.
  • Primary description for Whirl and Rend have been merged into the Fast Attack , Heavy Attack, and Defense skill tooltips respectively.
  • The default "untrained/unequipped" version of these abilities are 18% less effective than the original ones. Meaning, all effects are 18% worse in terms of damage, Focus cost, and NPC resistances.
  • Arrow Deflection drains Stamina per successful deflect. If Stamina is too low, deflection will fail. Also, regardless of Stamina level there is a 12% chance to fail. 


New Effects...

Melee attacks consume Stamina
  • FatigueAttack damage decreases as Stamina is consumed. At 0% Stamina, attacks are 50% weaker.
  • Tooltip description added to "Combat" core skills Fast Attack and Heavy Attack.

Signs consume Focus
("Adrenaline" has been re-named to "Focus")
  • Fading Focus - Spellpower decreases as Focus Points are consumed. At 0% Focus, spellpower is 66% lower.
  • Tooltip description added to "Signs" core skills Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen, and Axii.

Effect changes...

Stamina and Focus... Flip-flopped!
All effects which involve "Adrenaline" and Stamina have been "flip-flopped"... i.e., Skills/Effects involving Stamina now instead involve Focus, and vice-versa.
This includes Potions/Decoctions, Runewords/Glyphwords, and Armor Set Bonuses. The list of changes is extensive, but rest assured, they've all been accounted for!
  • Example: All Combat skills now increase Stamina regeneration, and all Sign skills now increase Focus regeneration.
  • The tooltip descriptions for every effect have been updated to reflect their new effects.

Focus Regenerates Over Time
Instead of draining to zero, Focus instead regenerates over time much-like Stamina. 
  • Battle Trance - New Effect: Successful melee attacks, holding guard, and evasive maneuvers restore additional Focus Points.
  • The tooltip description has been updated accordingly.

Rebalanced Effects...
(Which are more complicated than "flip-flopping" Focus and Stamina)

Alternative Yrden - Damage decreases by 5% per charge expended.

Griffin Armor Set Bonus (3) - Sign spell power no longer scales based on your Focus Points, and will always remain at 100% efficiency. 

Superior Blizzard - Whenever you slay an enemy, time slows for a short period. If at least 2 Focus Points are available, during this period actions don't deplete Stamina.

Deadly Precision- Every 1/3rd of your maximum Stamina adds an extra X% chance of killing an opponent instantly. This effect cannot be triggered more than once every X seconds.

Flood of Anger - When casting a Sign, X Stamina Points (if available) will be consumed to upgrade the Sign to the highest level (unlocking all bonuses) and increase Sign intensity by X%. Base Sign intensity is still effected by your current Focus points.

Cold Blood Crossbow bolts have a X% chance to deal 200% damage (400% on critical strikes).

Undying When Vitality reaches 0, it will be restored to X%. Requires at least 2 Focus Point, which will be consumed. Effect may not be used again for 30 seconds.

Rage Management - If your current Focus Points are below 1, Focus regeneration is increased by 100%, but actions that consume Stamina cost 150% more.

Battle Frenzy - Changes Battle Trance's secondary effect (Mutant Strength). Instead of the previous effect, Stamina Points increase critical strike chance by 0.25% for every 1% of retained Stamina, up to 25%.

Focus Stamina Points increase sign spell intensity by 0.3% for every 1% of Stamina, up to 33%. 

Attack is the Best Defense - The Stamina cost of Parries, Counterattacks, Dodges, and Rolls is reduced to zero. This effect cannot be triggered more than once every 5s.

Adrenaline Burst - Increases Focus generation by X%. Using Signs now generates Stamina.

Metabolism Boost - If available, 1 Focus Point will be consumed to reduce the Toxicity cost of drinking potions by X%. Does not affect mutagen decoctions.

Advanced Pyrotechnics - The critical hit chance of bomb explosions is increased by 25%.

Replenishment After you cast a Sign, 25 Stamina Points will be consumed and your next sword attack is charged with the power of that Sign.

Placation - If Focus Points are below 1, Vitality and Stamina regeneration are accelerated and Toxicity declines more quickly.

Install Instructions...

1. Extract the file and place modD001_CombatResources into your [/game_directory]/Mods folder
2. Place DLC_modCombatResources into your [/game_directory/DLC folder
3. Within [/game_directory]/Mods, delete your mod0000_MergedFiles folder (if you have one)
4. If you have multiple mods installed, run Script Merger

Uninstall Instructions...
1. Delete modD001_CombatResources from your [/game_directory]/Mods folder
2. Delete DLC_modCombatResources from your [/game_directory/DLC folder
3. Within [/game_directory]/Mods, delete your mod0000_MergedFiles folder (if you have one)
4. If you have multiple mods installed, run Script Merger

  • This mod is a merge + refinement of my previous mods "Vigor" and "Master Training." This mod includes a lot of skill balancing and description/localization improvements. If you're currently using Vigor and Master Training, it is recommended that you just switch to this mod instead.
  • This mod is safe to install/uninstall at any time. 
  • Anyone may upload language translations for this mod - there is no need to ask for permission.

  • NOT compatible with "Vigor" and "Master Training" - as this mod is a merge (and improvement) over those two.
  • NOT compatible with "Additional effects for Combat tree skills" - Several of the same skills are edited in both mods.
  • NOT compatible with "Primal Needs" - Too many changes to Stamina from this mod which cause Stamina to stop regenerating entirely.
  • NOT compatible with "Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition" or "Ghost Mode" - and likely any other large "sweeping overhaul" mods. They simply change way too much.
  • Not sure which mods this is/isn't compatible with (except all of my other mods, which work great together!), but generally speaking if you run into a merge conflict, they are not compatible. 
  • Script compilation errors are NOT bugs, please don't report them as such.