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Replaces the main menu soundtrack with Priscilla's song

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For now only the clasic version (1.32) is supportet. Next Gen support is planned but we have to wait till the tools (and if necessary tutorials) get updated.
About this mod:
Instead of this loud and epic Soundtrack the main menu now plays the calm and emotional song "The Wolven Storm".
Current mod version only affects the base games main menu.
The now audible camp fire sound got replaced by a silent/muted version of itself too.

Drag and drop the mod (the folder named modMainMenuWolvenStorm) into your mods folder ([TW3 Game]\Mods\).
If you don't have a mods folder, create one.

Delete my mod from your mods folder.

Conflicts and Compatibility:
If you see a DLC menu you have to install a mod that allows you to change the main menu to the default menu.*
If another mod changes the same file(s), place my mod above it in the loading order.**

If the song doesn't play (or if you hear the campfire with v1.1) and changing loading order didn't help, comment which mod mine is incompatible with and I'll try if I can solve it.

* Some mods with that feature are Selectable Main Menu or Friendly HUD for example. Beautiful World - Main Menu Replacement does work too.
** You can change the loading order ether by editing the priority file "mods.settings" in your Dokuments folder (basic infos) or by renaming the mods themself to rearange them (imo the best way, if you don't use a mod manager). Changing Priority via Script merger should also work somehow.
The game loads mods in the priority file first, if you have one, and then all the other mods in alphabetical order with numbers first, then symbol and then letters. (But don't confuse it with Windows' sorting order: Symbols>Numbers>Letter.)

After ~2.22 Minutes the game skips the last ~54 seconds of the song and starts from the beginning. I guess this is scripted or something because the original music file is only 2.21 Minutes long too.

Planned Features:
DLC support - I couldn't track their music/sond files down in the game files.
more languages - Only the polish version was in the game files. (The translations need to get stiched together by hand from the language files and I couldn't yet figure out how to unpack them.)

If you have any idea how to solve this bug or how to get those music files or voice lines PLEASE let me know.

Thanks and credits:
Sound editing tools by robx99
Tutorial (It is split into 3 videos)
The Wolven Storm OST (english version)