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A bit redone and improved the vanilla animals and monsters fur. Changed draw distance, fur density, physics, add wind effect for some mobs and other.

Permissions and credits
If you are expected that this mod makes animals and monsters fur are like "real", I'll must disappoint you.
My target is provide better look and keep original style for vanilla fur.

Note: this isn't final version yet, keep this in you mind.

I wanna gratitude MrShinRonn for make a compare video. Thank you!

What this mod do?
Makes no drastic changes. At this moment works only with HairWorks.
Makes fur more densitys, add wind effect for some animals and monsters.

For more info see changelog.

Which animals/monsters are supported?

- Grey, white, black wolfs;
- Brown, white, black and berserker bears;
- Wild boars (from both DLC);
- Succubus;
- Cyclopus;
- Fugas (Silvans);
- Godlings;
- Water/gravehags;
- Ice giant;
- Gryphons;
- Wyverns;
- Lycans;
- Czarts;
- Bies;
- Katakans;
- Ekimmas;

But, what about the horses?
I wanted to add a mane for horses, but since it is the same for everyone, I refused this. In addition, the Nexus has great modifications for horses, such as Fera's Roach and Dhu's Roach for example. But I will not leave the horses unattended. If I manage to add a few different manes, I'll upload that as an optional mod.

Fully compatible with animal or monster retextures.
Incompatible with similar mods.

For installation:
Manual download or with Vortex, unzip the file and put it in your Witcher 3 directory Mods folder (if you donĀ“t have a Mods folder create one yourself).

For unistallation:
Simply delete mod file from your Witcher 3 directory Mods folder.