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Adds ds style backstab and counterstrike finisher(with sfx)

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1.Geralt can now perform an one hit backstab when he attacks behind enemy’s back(110 degree range,100%). With Darksouls 3 sfx. 
2.Counterstrike and then attack the enemies when they stagger can 100% trigger finisher.
with ds3 sfx.

UPdate: attached the sfx volume to game's sfx volume slider, sound adjustable now

*delete sound.cache in the mod file if you don't want the sfx

Counter strike are for weak enemies as they are meant to be easy for Geralt. Backstab are for enemies stronger than Geralt as Geralt cannot make them stagger.

Recommend use with:
1.Shades of Iron by Amasiuncula for darksouls outfits
2.random encountered reworked by Aeltoth 
   To encounter more human enemies
3. No slow motion by Syynx To make sure the sfx matches the FINISHER

1.thank wghost81 for her sfx tutorial, I couldn’t have add the parry and backstab without it
2.thank Defalt for shorten the ds3 parry sound for me.
3.thank Amasi for providing the idea for this mod’s redux version, I’ll work on it soon.