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Apply blade oils to your swords by pressing a keyboard button instead of opening your inventory to do so.

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Important Notes
Make sure to set the keybinds according to the installation instructions. If there are keybind conflicts, you can solve them with the keybinds menu in game.
Example of a keybind conflict and solution:
If when you press the 1 key "Beast Oil" is applied and Aard is selected as well: Press ESC, go into the keybinds menu and unbind 1 from Aard.

Default Keybinds
  • 1 = Beast Oil
  • 2 = Cursed Oil
  • 3 = Draconide Oil
  • 4 = Hanged Man Venom
  • 5 = Hybrid Oil
  • 6 = Insectoid Oil
  • 7 = Elementa Oil
  • 8 = Necrophage Oil
  • 9 = Ogre Oil
  • 0 = Relic Oil
  • F1 = Specter Oil
  • F2 = Vampire Oil

Customizing the Keybinds
If you would like a different set of keybinds for the oils, you can customize them by editing keybinds.txt before pasting its content into input.settings. If you already pasted keybinds.txt into input.settings you can still change the keybinds by editing input.settings.
Example of a keybinds customization:
Let's say you want "Hanged Man Venom" binded to the 2 key instead of the 4 key. Edit either "keybinds.txt" or "input.settings" like so:

  1. Change IK_4=(Action=OAKApplyHangedManVenom) to IK_2=(Action=OAKApplyHangedManVenom)
  2. Change IK_2=(Action=OAKApplyCursedOil) to IK_4=(Action=OAKApplyCursedOil)
You now will apply "Hanged Man Venom" using the 2 key and "Cursed Oil" using the 4 key.


  1. Copy the "modOilApplicationKeybinds" folder into "[Witcher 3 Installation Folder]\Mods\".
  2. Open "modOilApplicationKeybinds/keybinds.txt", copy its content and paste it into "%UserProfile%\Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings". If you would like a different set of keybinds you can modify it before pasting it into input.settings.
  3. Once in game, make sure that there are no conflicting keybinds.

If the mod was installed using a mod manager, you only need step 2 and 3.


  1. Open the "[Witcher 3 Installation Folder]\Mods\" folder and delete the "modOilApplicationKeybinds" folder.
  2. Open the "%UserProfile%\Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings" textfile and delete all previously added keybinds (easily found by searching for "OAK" and deleting every line that has 'OAK' in it).

If the mod was uninstalled using a mod manager, you only need step 2.