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An interactive map that you can use on your computer without the need for internet. All known locations are marked.

Permissions and credits
Version 4.04 has been released with new language supports, many new locations and visual renovations.


The original version is an interactive map created by
untamed0 and published on the website. Edited by me and turned into a map that can be used user-friendly and locally. Of course, it also has a lot of additional features; additional locations, fixes, improvements etc.

Translations of the map into different languages ​​are ongoing; You can help translations through the crowdin.

I also recommend Quest Check List (Türkçe: Görev Listesi) for keeping track of quests.

There is also a site that continues in parallel with my work with the work of the TiVa85; You can access the site here.

Note: Treasures in the map represent all collectibles of a type that can be overlooked. Treasures containing valuable materials and very worthless treasures are also in this category. 

- Available Languages -

- English
- Russian
- Turkish
- Czech
- Chinese Traditional
- Polish

There may be mistakes in translations; In case of any typos or grammatical mistakes, you can create an issue on Github or Nexus page. Other translations are still progressing in the crowdin. Those who want to help with the translation can also use the original translations. If there is another language you want translated you can create an issue on Github or Nexus page.


- Download,
- Simply run the "Witcher 3 Map.exe" or "Witcher 3 Map (x86).exe".

The exe file opens the "index.html" file in the Dist folder with "Portable Firefox" in the Assets folder. "The Witcher 3 Map.ps1" file in github is the source code of the executable files.

No-Executable Version

Although the current executable files contain a simple code of 1 line, few virustotal virus programs (!?) identify the file as a virus. For this reason, I have published the non-executable version so that those who want it can download it.

- Download,
- Open "Assets\FirefoxPortableLegacy\FirefoxPortable.exe"
- Enter "[FilePath]/Witcher3Map/Dist/index.html" in the address bar.

Default Browser Version

This alternative version is for those who want to use the map in their default browser. I've noticed that portable firefox is a bit slow in some situations; In addition, using a browser other than the customary browser can be annoying. But in order to use this version, you need to make a small adjustment. To summarize, the browser's CORS Security policy (a security policy that prevents local files from running certain file types) must be deactivated in order to open the map in any browser. It is very difficult to prepare an executable as click-to-run, as there are too many possibilities depending on the system, browser and user; so I explained below how you do it in few steps;

In Chromium-Based Browsers (Google Chrome, Edge, Opera Etc.)
- Open the "Witcher 3 Map.cmd" file with notepad or a derivative application.
- Enter the location of the exe file of the browser you are using between the quotes in the first line (Example: Set BrowserLocation="C:\Program Files\Opera\launcher.exe").
- Save and close the file.
- You can open the map by running cmd.
- Optionally, you can create a shortcut of the cmd file and add an icon.
Note1: Just below the line you made the change are the sample file locations for chrome, edge, and opera (Warning: it's also possible in a different file location).
Note2: When you run cmd, it will create an additional profile to your default browser. The map can only be opened through this newly created profile.

In Mozilla Firefox
- Type "about:config" in the address bar and press enter.
- On the page that opens, click the "I accept the risk!" button.
- Type "security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy" at the top of the new page (in the search field).
- Double-click on the search result and in this way set the "true" variable to "false".
- Enter "[FilePath]/Witcher3Map/Dist/index.html" in the address bar. (If Firefox is your default browser, you can open it simply by double-clicking the index.html in the dist folder).
Warning: Since this setting will cause a security vulnerability on the browser, it is not recommended to use the browser in this way continuously. After using the map, the settings can be turned back to "true" by following the same steps.

- Additional Features (Added by BaHTsIzBEdEvi) -

- Updated Velen&Novigrad map, which was expanded with the Hearts of Stone Expansion Pack.
- Added Isle of Mist map.
- Added Toussaint map.
- Added Thousand Fables map.
- Scavengers were gathered under a separate category.
- Contract locations have been added.
- Event locations have been added.
- Side Quest locations have been added.
- Boat locations have been added.
- Added treasure locations that can be overlooked.
- Added missing Scavengers locations.
- Added many missing locations.
- Added where merchants in Person(s) in Distress category will go when released.
- Many incorrect locations have been fixed.
- Few minor bugs fixed.
- The theme has been changed.
- Made more user friendly (Click-to-Run) to make it easier to use in the local network.
- It has a much smaller file size.
- No need to install additional programs.

Features (untamed0 Version) -

- Interactive map featuring all markers in game (plus some extra ones).
- Multiple languages (in progress, help here).
- Mobile and tablet friendly.
- Clean interface, absolutely no ads.
- Easily link your map view to others, address bar is automatically updated with a permalink.
- Hide markers, right click (or long press on mobile).
- Search feature (top right, bottom icon).
- 'Waypoint' marker, right click (or long press on mobile).
- Collapsible sidebar.
- Fullscreen option (both desktop and mobile).
- Downloadable for offline browsing.


Thank you to untamed0 for this nice work; it really worked very organized, it was very easy to make my additions and edits in this respect.

Created by untamed0 and edited by BaHTsIzBEdEvi. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA. With help from mcarverGerignak and the other contributors. Thanks to @DesignGears & hhrhhr for map & asset extraction.
The Witcher 3, logo, icons & map are the property of CD PROJEKT RED and are used without permission. Under section 9.4 of the CD PROJEKT RED User Agreement:
If you create your User Generated Content using any of CD PROJEKT RED graphics, audio, video, text or any other content - you may use it and share for personal enjoyment, but we do not allow any use of it for financial profit.


- Russian - Arkwulf (with the help of old crowdin translation)
- Turkish - BaHTsIzBEdEvi
- Czech - MikeCZ and
Lord Mazour
- Chinese Traditional - YheonYeung

This software uses the following libraries developed by third parties, and are licenced seperately;

- jQuery (MIT)
- jQuery.NiceScroll (MIT)
- jQuery.ddslick
- Leaflet (BSD2)
- Fuse (APACHE 2.0)
- Font Awesome (MIT)