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Reshade-shader that Masks most UI elements so they are not affected by Reshade preset

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This is not a preset by itself! This is a Tool to make better presets.

To make this work you need to manually activate and move the shaders included in your reshade menu. This does nothing until you activate it and correctly configure it outlined in the latest article.

I enjoy playing with saturation and bloom nearly maxed out to really get that Colorful fantasy world vibe but I ran into a problem. My Health bar, Mini-map, Inventory screen, especially my Gwent screen were being affected too.

I searched and scoured the internet and only found UIMask.fx and UIDetect.fx for options, neither of which could handle multiple UI elements on screen at once, nor could they handle more than 3 masks anyway.

Problem found, Solution required.

So I tore into the code of each, figuring out bits and pieces here and there as i went through them and finally, After 3 weeks of digging through HLSL, Reshade, and C++ Documentation, I got it working.

Up to 15 masks capable of being used at once(I can add more at any time if you really need it).

Premade masks and pixel settings are based on the mods used in immersive mod list. If you're reshade preset is not made for use with More Quick Slots and Quick Inventory, Friendly HUD, then you will need to change some of the masks found in the textures folder and some of the pixel settings found in UIDetectMulti.fxh otherwise you could mask parts of the screen that you don't want to.