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This mod fixes the bestiary image of Slyzard Matriarch that gets reverted to undiscovered if killed before starting Bovine Blues.

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NOTE: This mod is now part of Brothers in Arms - TW3 Ultimate Bug Fix Collaboration, but I'll keep this page active, just in case someone wants to use this mod as a standalone or would like to know more details about this mod.

The quest Bovine Blues is the only witcher contract where you can kill the monster before starting the particular contract. But this causes a problem. If you kill the Slyzard Matriarch before starting this quest, then the image in the bestiary for this monster turns back to undiscovered/black when interacting with a clue of the mother's tracks on a road near the nest.

Please note that this fix won't work if you've already finished this quest or interacted with the road clue in your current save.

IMPORTANT: If you're using Klubargutan's Journal entries fixes - Dlcs and expansion packs and part 1 quests, then it'll be impossible to make both mods to work because Script Merger can't resolve this type of conflict. In that case, please, download the optional file instead to make both my and Klubargutan's mod to work. You also must give my mod a higher priority. If you're using the bonus content from the same mod, then there shouldn't be any problems because it contains different quests.

The Fix:
This was a bit of magic – deleting the command to override the image when interacting with the road clue, changing the default bestiary image for Slyzard Matriarch from discovered to undiscovered and finally changing the command to override the bestiary image when seeing the slyzards for the first time if you start the quest first from undiscovered to discovered.

Added a condition to show the image as undiscovered if starting the quest from the quarry first only when you haven't killed the slyzards yet. This prevents the image from turning to undiscovered if you kill the matriarch before starting this quest.

Simply put the mod folder into your Witcher 3 directory/mods. If this is your first mod, then just create a new folder called "mods" and put it in there. Mod Manager will probably work too. To uninstall, simply delete the mod.

Use Script Merger to fix potential merge conflicts.

Special Thanks:
My thanks go to paulr0013 and MerseyRockoff who thanks to his perseverance found the solution for both scenarios for their help and effort to fix this problem completely.

Thank you for all your nice comments! I don't want to spam the comment section anymore with saying "thanks", but I read all the comments and I appreciate them. Thanks again and show some love to Mersey and his mods, too!