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About this mod

If you need a save with completed undiscovered locations and completed Gwent deck etc. in order to enjoy the story only, this save is for you. =)

Permissions and credits

- Completed Undiscovered Locations (including Kaer Morhen and Toussaint)
- Completed Gwent Deck (including Skellige deck, does not include the ones you win from Gwent quests)
- Completed Treasure Hunts (including Grandmaster Gear)

- Story Mode UNTOUCHED (apart from "White Orchard" and "Envoys, Wineboys", you begin in Velen "The Nilfgaardian Connection")
- Secondary Quests, Side Quests and Witcher Contracts UNTOUCHED

- Begin at Level 100 with over 1M+ crowns
- Entire Character Tree is unlocked and maxed (including Mutations)
- All alchemy ingredients unlocked and completed
- All signposts unlocked
- All signboards read
- All Grandmaster Gears and other valuable items in Chests
- Completed quests are fully checked
- No mods, vanilla game save (v1.32)

Feel free to mod it to hell and back