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A lighting mod for Velen and Novigrad, with a focus on region based lighting. From the author of Heresy and Serenity. Meant to invoke a dark fantasy atmosphere in Velen while maintaining the lush countryside feel of Novigrad. Now merged with Heresy LM!

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The Witcher games have always had exceptional atmosphere but I personally feel the Witcher 3 kinda dropped this ball really hard. Like Novigrad, Velen was hit pretty hard after the downgrade and it felt like all the atmosphere it might have had was simply drained. Unshaded grass, yellow putrid foliage, too much blue smoky fog and the lighting had this sorta ugly haziness too it which was off putting. It didn't feel right.

I wanted Velen to feel like a depraved medieval landscape torn by war and strife all the while trying to keep the free city of Novigrad feel like a gritty medieval city surrounded by beautiful and pleasant lush countryside with rolling hills, beautiful foliage and clear lighting.

The mod's primary aim was to mix low fantasy with moody atmospherics.

In a nutshell, Velen is dark and grim with darker foliage and more dead grass.

For Novigrad, Heresy LM was used. The foliage is lush and green and the lighting is overall pleasant to show the untouched state of the free city (for info regarding Heresy LM see it's respective mod page).

The grass and foliage color is different for both Velen and Novigrad. Even in shared weathers.

The mod covers a range of weather types including overcast, fog and rain.

I’m gonna let the images do the talking for the mod so check those out to get an idea for the mod. I've taken inspiration from actual medieval locations and used weather references of places such as England (which CDPR also used) and Romania.

Serenity LM -
Darker Generic Trees and Bushes -
Rustic Pines -
Fall Birches -
HD Tree LOD Billboards -
Alternative Alnus -

Not compatible with other lighting mods so if you use other LMs for White Orchard and Skellige you must give this mod priority!

The moon size changes with the weather, will be fixed soon.
The countryside in Novigrad has a blue glow at night during certain TODs. Will be fixed soon.
Cloud color doesn't match outside and inside Novigrad if you look hard enough. Will be fixed.
The sunsets in Velen could be better. Still WIP.

Thanking the fine folks at the GudMods Discord for help and advice. Majime, Nudel and Tooka for the repurposed B&W bob clouds.