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New flannel shirts for Geralt.

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  • Polish
Bored of the vanilla white shirt but you also are tired to change appearance mods for it all the time ?
Do you want to experience something new ?
Then this New DLC is for you !

I present to your attention my flannel shirts collection.

The new DLC contains 5 totally new shirts:

Blue, Black, Red, White and Yellow variants.

But this isn't all !
If you are enjoying Cyberpunk 2077 or you have enjoyed my first mod ever (this one).
You can have it as another DLC separated from the 5 I've showed you before.

Samurai Flannel Shirt

Where to buy ?

You can buy the brand new flannel shirts at these merchants:
  1. Hattori Master Blacksmith in Novigrad.
  2. The Griphon merchant in Velen.
  3. Kaer Throlde Blacksmith merchant Skellige.

Too lazy to get to those merchants ?
Use these console commands

5in1 Pack
  • additem('Red Flanel Shirt')
  • additem('Black Flanel Shirt')
  • additem('Blue Flanel Shirt')
  • additem('White Flanel Shirt')
  • additem('Yellow Flanel Shirt')

  • You first need to download the Samurai Flannel Shirt dlc for this last one to work.
  • additem('Samurai Flanel Shirt')

Drop dlcflanel or dlcsamflannel (or both ;)) into your dlc folder.

Just delete dlcflanel or dlcsamflannel from you dlc folder.

If you have any suggestion about a new design for the Shirt, let me know in the comments section.

Featured mods as well as suggested:
  • Cyberpunk Black Unicorn Katana as well as Johnny Silverhand's Aviators by milkyway can be found here.
  • Swords and Meditation by menschfeind can be found here.

Original mesh of the shirt and samurai logo by CDPR. I did the rest.

If you would like to donate for my works:

PayPal                                                            Ko-fi

I hope you will enjoy this and will have fun, and if you do don't forget to endorse, it costs nothing to you but it makes modders happy with your support !