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Increases the size of subtitles in dialogues. Offers scaling options up to 125%, 135% and 150%.

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Intended for version 1.32 of the game and below; next-gen versions already have subtitle size built in.

Bigger Subtitles
addresses a staggering visual flaw in The Witcher 3, namely the small subtitle size. These have now been made larger and condensed in width for the sake of readability, especially at larger viewing distances. The mod comes in three variants: 125% scaling, 135% and 150%.

As subtitles are now more likely to appear in three or more lines, the Skip indicator has been moved above the subtitle so as not to overlap with the text. This applies to all scaling options.

Please note that Bigger Subtitles only affects subtitles when engaged in a conversation with an NPC. Other types (subtitles outside of dialogues, text above NPC heads) are, as of writing, not covered.

Inspired by the mod Better font and Bigger subtitles by CowKiller.