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A totally new T-Shirt as a stand-alone DLC. There are two variations at the moment, one with a cyber-wolf logo and the second one with the cyberpunk 2077 theme.

Permissions and credits
This is it, finally Geralt can wear a now-a-days T-Shirt. There are two variations for now, one with a cyber-wolf logo and another one with the famous Cyberpunk 2077 logo. It's a DLC, that means a freshly new piece of armour for everyone, Cyberpunk 2077 fans or not.

Where to buy ?

You can buy the brand new T-shirts at these merchants:
  1. Hattori Master Blacksmith in Novigrad.
  2. The Griphon merchant in Velen.
3. Kaer Throlde Blacksmith merchant Skellige.

Too lazy to get to those merchants ?
Use these console commands

  • additem('Cybershirt Modern') <-- Cyber-Wolf T-shirt.
  • additem('CyberPunk Tshirt') <-- Cyberpunk 2077 themed T-shirt.

Drop dlccyberpunkshirt into your dlc folder.

Just delete dlccyberpunkshirt from you dlc folder.

If you have any suggestion about a new design for the T-Shirt, let me know in the comments section. I will my self add some other variants with different colors and themes.


I must thank some people. Thank everyone who helped me, motivated me, thanks to CD Projekt Red who gave me such awesome emotions both with The Witcher Games and as well with Cyberpunk 2077.

But mostly I would love to thank these guys:

  1. skydoespoint: For supporting me, helping me with meshes, blender tutorials, texturing and making this dlc possible to exist.
  2. Ard: For tips and advices with xml and blender.
  3. Munchyfly: For giving me the starting point with this dlc as well as helping with blender and other stuff.
  4. ScoutBr0: For helping me with xml and fixing clipping as well as other bugs available within the final steps of the creation of this dlc.
  5. KayJay: For motivation as well as design advices and support.
  6. Aeltoth: For tips and Advices.
  7. Jato: For blender and other tips as well as helping me fix a bug.

As well as all the Wolven Workshop community for the great support and for the motivation !

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  • Swords and Meditation by menschfeind can be found here.

Original mesh and logos by CDPR. What I did was to take one mesh from Cyberpunk 2077 end retexture it as well as changing it. Wolf logo restored and "recreated" from CP2077 photomode.