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Now you can choose which color you want your sword trails to be! You can download a file which will change the color of the fast attack trails, and download a file which will change the color of the strong attack trails.

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This is a simple mod which lets you customize the color of your sword trails to your heart's content.

There are many files, so please read this so you don't get confused. The main file is MY SETUP. This means that if you download the main file, your fast trails will be light blue, and the heavy attack trails will be red. In the optional files section you will find what you need to customize your sword trails, including an option to remove them if you're into that. You can use a fast trail color file alongside a heavy trail color file, but you obviously cannot use two fast trail files together. Just remember if you come back to change the color of your sword trail more than once, you will need to uninstall/disable the existing mod. The light attack trail color also affects whirl, while the heavy attack trail affects rend. If you want colors for Rend specifically I'd recommend checking out the miscellaneous section of this mod.

Installation: Extract the file into the mods folder. Easy. I HIGHLY recommend using The Witcher 3 Mod Manager because you could just download all of the colors and keep the ones you want to use check marked.

Requests: Just let me know in the posts section if you want another color added. If I feel a request is too specific I will upload to the miscellaneous section in order to avoid confusion.

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