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This is a super small mod that enables a hidden quest: "Enchanting: mastery demands sacrifice"

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This is a super small mod that enables a hidden quest: "Enchanting: mastery demands sacrifice". To unlock it, you must not have yet spoken to the runewright (hearts of stone quest). Afterwards, finish the small quest regarding jade and return to the runewright - after paying him 10000 crowns, he will have a few new unique lines that will start a new quest and guide you to Novigrad to buy painite - only one of the three merchants will have it. 

After you get it and return, Geralt will have 1 new unique line where he will give the painite to the merchant.

This quest has been created entirely and should work in all languages - though i do not yet know why the devs decided to remove it from the game (probably running an errand without having to fight anyone was useless in their opinion)


Place modenableEnchanterHiddenQuest inside your *installation path*/mods folder

Additional info

This is the list of my bugfixes that is STRONGLY suggest to use all of them during your gameplay (more bugfixes are coming):

If you like the bugfixes and this quest addition, endorsing them would make me very happy - and motivate me to produce more of them (there are a few more i'd like to add) - it's the least you can do for me:) After all, I'm spending time to fix and upload some overlooked stuff for free:)  


A ghost mode compatible version has been uploaded (changes the price of the first runewright upgrade to 3000)