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Overhauls the White Orchard terrain/landscape textures with made from scratch textures in 4K with tech such as: baked ambient occlusion, baked normalmaps, normalized colorization.

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Witcher 3 Texture Overhaul is a continuing series from Fallout 4 Texture Overhaul and Skyrim Textures Redone.

The mod will provide 4K professional made textures with PBR ( Physical based rendering ) features.

What this mod offers in short:

  • Subtle Ambient occlusion
  • Up to 4x the resolution
  • Normalmap is baked for more depth.
  • Not a simple recolor or a sharpen/upscale mod.

In depth:
  • 4K textures made with Photogrammetry, which provides most realistic textures ready for Witcher 3 remake and its ray-tracing.
  • Physical based rendered textures, provides realistic real world properties such as shadow occlusion and reflections.
  • Color correction to make the terrain look seamless.
  • I'm impudently saying that this mod has the best quality compared to other texture mods. Sorry but its the truth. Look for yourself!

Texture mods is always compatible with each other, You just have to set a priority value to override a texture mod, a lower value overrides.
Priority 1 is highest priority and 9999 is lowest priority.
See my install example below to make it override other texture mods.


Extract to WITCHER3DIR/mods/

Add to your mods.settings file:

Please endorse and comment if you like the mod, it really encourages me to continue with covering the rest of the game.