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Yes, I know what you want, and I give it back to you. I decided to revive Relic Weapons Redone, which just focuses on the Relic Weapon Part of my mod "The Enhancement System". Better abilities, Stats and upgradable Relic Weapons for you, highly compatible with everything.

Permissions and credits
Relic Weapons Redone - Revived from Tartarus Edition :D
(Part of Redone Series)

This was one of the first mods on W3 Nexus, until I decided to take it down in exchange for "The Enhancement System". Since its incompatible with quite a few mods due to its sheer complexity, I decided to split the Relic Weapon Part from it and revived Relic Weapons Redone for you from the dead pits of the Nexus.
This gives you better compatibility and Freedom over the functions you actually want to use in your game.
It`s part from a series out of 3 mods, but you can use them all individually or together:

This one focusses on the Relic Weapons.

"Witcher Gear Redone" focusses on the Witcher gears and adds a few new lore friendly sets,like a variant of the Viper Armor or Vesemirs Swords.

"Exclusive Weapons and Armors Redone" focusses on Special Stuff, like adding new Armor and Weapon sets to the game, and making previously unaccessible Weapons accessible. You`ll get access to Ciris Weapon or the weapons of the Wild Hunt for instance, but honestly its a lot more.

What do those Mods do?

Short Version:

They make Weapons and Armors more interesting by adding new abilities, possibilities to upgrade them and saves them from becoming useless,since you can always adjust them to your level again, and they add new armors/weapons in general to Geralts portfolio.

Long Version

How to access:

How to install:

put folders starting with "mod" into your Mods folder.
put folders starting with "dlc" into your dlcs folder.
If you plan to use the Redone Series together, I have added a combined version for that, since they cant be merged.

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