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Adds diversity to the big dogs around the world.

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First of all, keep that in mind, i'm creating my mods only to satisfy myself. I share, because i'm happy if there's people that appreciates my work, and having fun with my mods. So if you don't like the textures, or anything in the mod, KEEP MOVING.

You can support us through Paypal, here. We do appreciate.

1# What is DAO?

What can it be? Well, simple. Diversity for the large dogs.

1# 100 new entity with 100 new texture.
2# 16 collar texture (not all used)
Big thanks to Ard Carraigh for adding the collar to the dog model!
3# Eye color variants.

These are shared between all the existing dogs in the the game. Including quest, quard, wild, hunt and dlc dogs.
Only one dog model was used in this project.


The rest of the models are terrible. They have mouth bug. I don't like missing legs or ears.
Too long head, weirdly big ears. Maybe it's just me, but you know, if you prefer vanilla dogs, then you shouldn't be here.
Immersion breaking for you? Not my problem.
I always felt disgusted when looked at those pink, green dogs that have rotten skin. Nay, i don't need them!
YES, for now all of them are clean. Will add two other version in the future. IF!

! - Small warnings before you get the mod. While i have no time to replay the whole game, and see there's any problem with the mod (only testing with StoryboardUI and work just fine) But can't be sure about the gameplay. - " It was planned to be a StoryboardUi "material" for me, so i wasn't planning to play the game with my mod. But so far where i checked the dog spawnings, they are there.
If you using the mod, and noticing anything strange, please report it.
The game can also spawn two dog with the same texture, and i can't do anything with it. But so far i see them spawning in different look. :)


3# "There will be any other Overhaul?"

Well, my Immersive Wildlife Project was supposed to be my only one Overhaul for every animal and monster. Now, that i started to look deeper into the files, i see there's not only 1-2 path in the game that containing certain animals so i need to rework my cats, rat, chicken and wyvern pack aswell.
So, possibly all of the Witcher 3 creatures gets their own big pack overtime.


4# "Is it compatible with other mods that editing the dogs?"

No. I have custom entities in my mod, that means, the vanilla path for the dog models completely gets removed.
Mods that editing any dog related path, will have conflict with my mod.
So for example, Ghost Mode/Combo Blood will have conflict with my mod.
If you using ghost mode, then R.I.P

Only place you see vanilla, zombie dogs is the *SPOILER* Arena, in Novigrad* *SPOILER*
Fight dogs are fine with those appearances.