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Just a little information to clarify a few things.


I'm having a job, working in full time, so do not bother me with questions, like "when you update?".

No idea. Only my weekends are free.


First of all, in modding, i am working with my love, the Bear. We are a team, the Paws.

For those who would say, they wait for more updates on different mods. I am 26 years old, not having long hours on the PC anymore, but when there's motivation, of course it's nice to make new things. Be patient and understanding. Thank you.


You can support us through Paypal, here. We do appreciate.


News? Witcher 3.


We decided to add more mods for each group of horses we are making, and the reasons are:
After a while it would be a bit exhausting for us and for You all to go through 50-100 horses, or even more on one mod page.
Then to see all the pictures for each horse, if you need to see all, maybe not all would load, so it could be a bit annoying.
Trying to please everyone, but it's never possible. And it does not mean we would fill the Nexus Mods main page with our mods, (not even possible, as only 5 mod is allowed a day, if i'm correct.) But one horse mod once in a while should be enough and alright.

Basically everything is the same, and keep that in mind, and again, do NOT ask the Paws for manes and tails. We give Ard Carraigh permission to add our textures to his mod, but we don't spend time on adding different colours to tails or manes. (Devil Saddle is not working, don't ask about it.)

We offer many different looks for Roach. Gladly sharing our works with You, and bringing more if there's ideas and time. Obviously as it is spring time, less time for computer, and generally i spend more time on myself and my partner. He is helping a lot with modding. Creating lovely stories for the horses, naming them. It makes horse modding so much better, and i feel like i could make them forever.


Red Dead Redemption 2 modding?


It is really only for horses, and there's already so many i don't always find it interesting to make them. But surely feels good to post some new ones now and then. Even if they are existing already, as i only do the number change in ymt files.


What i would like to do, is to mod Skyrim, and recolour horses there as well, or any other animals/creatures. That plan is close to the Tahiti plan.