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Have a nice day. I'm still here.

The name Dovah1981 has become obsolete for me. Anyway, it was just a sudden name.

Continued questions about "1981" were already dull. I was born in 1997. 1981 is the birth year of an important person for me.

My Flickr is the same. :smile:[email protected]/

My Country: Hungary.

If you sharing any adult content here or on Flickr immediately ignoring and blocking you!
I want to ask you to avoid my proflie and my works/pictures. No need unnecessary childish comments. (Immediately deleting your comment.)

Currently working on the questline characters!
All of my improved character have custom eye, so they are not sharing on 10-11 damn eye anymore. For sure now i working on just the male characters, because i need to practice this "make-up" thing on woman faces.
I don't want to hide their original look, so i don't change a lot on them.

Do you have any opinion? You know ... Your opinion is like your a**hole. There is one, yes. But nobody cares that.


Favorite Characters from Witcher 3? Heh, a lot. I have a big list.


Witcher: Vesemir, Lambert, Eskel, Letho.

Sorceress: Yennefer, Keira.

Skellige: Crach, Hjalmar, Cerys, Ermion, Lugos, Donar, Udalryk, Hjort, Holger, Svanrige, Folan, Vigi, Halbjorn, Otrygg, Blueboy Lugos.

Velen/Novigrad: Francis Bedlam (King of Beggars), Carlo Varese (Cleaver), Cyprian Willey (Whoreson Junior), Zoltan, Dandelion, Priscilla, Roche, Ves, Baron, Tamara, Rosa, Anna, Guslar (The Pellar), Coroner (Hubert Rejk, but in my story his name is James. He is from Nilfgaard.), Joachim von Gratz.

Nilfgaard: Emhyr, Morvran Voorhis, Cirilla.

Toussaint: Regis, Dettlaff, Orianna, The Unseen Elder, Milton, Palmerin, Damien, Vivienne, Anna Henrietta.