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In case you are wondering this mod does not work on newer versions of game and is no longer supported.

Oil, potion, bomb and decoction Icons have their names written on them all the time. There are versions for BCE too.

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Mod no longer supported - only useful for people who want to use the mod files for whatever reason.

Oil, Potion, Bomb and Decoction Icons have their name written on them all the time. So its much easier to find the oil / potion / bomb / decoction you are looking for.

Use nexus mod downloader to install or unzip and move to your mods folder.

All inclusive file includes icons for bombs, oils, potions and decoctions in one file. Everlasting edition gives 1000 / 2000 / 3000 uses to oils instead of 20 / 40 /60. BCE edition is compatible with BCE.

If you are using Nexus mod downloader to install more than one of our mods, and it says that there is new version when you click on install button, click on "NO" (this will anable you to install more than one of our mods at once).

Please write any suggestions to comments.

There is Decoction, Oil and Bomb version specifically for BCE, potions are compatible with BCE and Overhauled oils for BCE with new icons can be found here Tweaks for Better Combat Enhanced - submod and here Oils overhauled.

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This mod is already included in Witcher 3 total overhaul.