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Prevents the generic merchant in velen from spawning more than once.

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The generic merchant located east of Mulbrydale spawns every day, even if he's already there, which means that he exists multiple times if you are in the area for an extended amount of time. This simple mod removes all other generic merchants when the new merchant spawns.

This mod requires modGenericMerchantsFix from All Quest Objectives On Map to work properly.

If you know any bugs similar to this, please let me know.


  1. Unzip the files in your "mods" folder (create one if it doesn't exist) found in your Witcher 3 main game directory. 
  2. Install  modGenericMerchantsFix from All Quest Objectives On Map (under "Miscellaneous files") the same way
  3. Resolve conflicts using Script Merger (They should be auto-resolvable)