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A simple mod that allows selling of crossbow bolts to various traders, such as blacksmiths and armorers.

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The story of the mod is as simple as the mod itself. I just didn't like that I couldn't sell all those crossbow bolts I had gathered. The bolts have some weight and overtime they can take up a bit too much space that could be filled with something way better or lucrative. Yes, you can just throw them on the ground but that feels a little wasteful and inconvenient. I'd rather get rid of unwanted items the usual way, by selling them to merchants.

So up to the nexus mods I went and found a mod that seemed to be exactly what I needed. But it was a bit buggy, at least in my game, like all the versions of the mod the author had put up worked exactly the same. But, yes, I could sell the bolts with it, but somehow the prices for bolts of any kind were sitting exactly at one measly crown, and, um, I could also buy them very cheaply.

So this is why I made this modification. It doesn't mess with vanilla pricing, so the buying price for the bolts stays the same, and the selling price is your usual rip-off, but at least, it's not a single coin for all kinds of bolts.

Just extract the archive into the mods folder in the root directory of your Witcher 3 installation. If there's no "mods" folder in there, just create it manually and then extract the arhive in it.

You can also use the awesome the Witcher 3 Mod Manager to install the mod:

And probably Vortex, but I've never used it, so I can't really say.

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't edit "def_item_bolts.xml"

Special Thanks:
To the user known as floppypig on here, who pretty much walked me through into some basic modding and who also made a "light" (actually not so light) gameplay overhaul I thoroughly enjoy. If you're interested, you can check it right here.