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Base Appearances Special Expansion (BASE) is a base mod that adds more appearances for several characters.

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If you're looking for the Next Gen version, click here.

Base Appearances Special Expansion (BASE) is a base mod that adds more appearances for several characters. By itself, it doesn't do anything but setup the character entities, quests, community, and related cutscene files, so mod authors can create new mods utilizing the new appearances without meddling with these files. This, in turn, will cut down mod building time tremendously and will also ensure high compatibility from character appearance mods created by different authors.

This base mod has the same philosophy as the "Character Appearance Extensions" mod by Jatodude1. However, this was created to be more flexible when adding new appearances and easier for me to manage compatibility with all of my mods (and anyone who wants to create mods using this base). If you have used my Dynamic Costume mods or Immersive Torture mods, you would know that I've added new appearances for the related characters using this method. Now, with BASE, you can create your own version of the Dynamic Costume, change how Margarita looks during and after prison, etc.

Special thanks to the Brothers in Arms team (PaulR0013, MerseyRockoff, konyme) for letting me integrate several BiA fixes and MegaBound2500 for bundling them into BASE. See changelog v2.3 for more details.

  • Will there be new character or new appearances added in the future? Maybe, depends on suggestions and if it's possible.
  • What if you decide to remove an appearance you added in a future BASE update and break my mod? Don't worry. Any future BASE update will only add appearances, never remove or name change to prevent current mod breakage. The only exception to this is if the appearance in question breaks the game.

  • New appearances for Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, Margarita (and possibly more characters in the future).
  • Ensure high compatibility from character appearance mods created by different authors, if they use this BASE.
  • Each mod has its own separate toggle in Gameplay options.
  • Cuts down mod building time tremendously.
  • Several built-in vanilla bug fixes (ie. Margarita and Philippa missing legs and shoes).

Character Appearances and Descriptions: (For modders)





Because this mod modifies important character appearances files (entities, scenes, etc.), it needs to be at the HIGHEST priority. Please give it higher priority than Ghost Mode and 4K Reworked Women.

Installations: (For users and modders)
For use with classic Witcher3 v1.32 only:
  1. Install mod limit fix to prevent loading issues.
  2. Remove any old version of BASE you have installed, if any.
  3. Extract and place mod0BASE in your Witcher3/mods/ folder. Make sure it is higher priority than your other character appearance mods (already by default).
  4. Use Script Merger to merge conflicts.

  1. Toggle "Alternative outfit for Ciri (or Triss or Yen)" OFF in Gameplay option, depending on which character(s) you use BASE for.
  2. Toggle your newly created, DLC costume mod ON in Gameplay option.

Note: If you are installing solo BASE (for single character), they CANNOT be mixed*. Either you install 1 solo BASE or the main BASE package.

*Well, technically, they can be mixed (ie. 2+ solo BASE) and will appear correctly everywhere, but if the characters share the same cutscene (like that final battle beach cutscene), only one of them will appear in the correct costume (based on mod priority). This is why I don't recommend mixing solo BASE.

How to Create and Setup DLC-style Mods: (For modders only)
1. Download a sample Wolvenkit folder which contains Ciri, Triss, Yen, and Margarita in the Files section.
2. Follow this guide to create your own DLC-style mod.
3. IMPORTANT: You must packed and installed the mod as a "DLC" and put it in your Witcher 3/dlc/ folder (not "mods" folder). If you pack and install it correctly, you will see the toggle to turn the mod ON/OFF in Gameplay options. Also, "Alternative Look for Ciri" or Triss or Yennefer must be OFF. These settings will conflict with any "dlc" mod you've created.

Note: The sample Wolvenkit folder for Ciri does not include bandages or naked w3app, but you can copy/paste and add them yourself. Just make sure to add CR4EntityExternalAppearanceDLC for both regular mounter and ciri_player mounter and also new voicetags.

What if I only want to modify certain appearances (not all)? (For modders only)
Follow this guide. The example I show in the guide are from my Immersive Torture mod, which only modifies 3 appearances. You can adapt that to your project, by deleting any unneeded w3app, CR4EntityExternalAppearanceDLC, and voicetags. Priority also plays a big role in determining which DLC w3app will overwrite the other, so think about it ahead of time before committing to a dlc name to save time.