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Proof of Concept for NPC Hairworks made with radish modding tools.

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In the upcoming radish modding tools update it will be possible to add new hairworks assets (hairstyles or fur) to the game. An example proof-of-concept project for a Yennefer hairstyle will be included to get mod authors a quickstart and will contain all the used "source" files (3dsmax). The example *does* have some issues and was not meant to be published.

Since multiple people kept asking for it as a mod... here it goes... However, as much fun as it was to play with 3dsmax to create the example it will stay as it is and there will be NO UPDATES unless someone else continues the work form the example project or creates something from scratch.

Here you can see the hairstyle in motion.

If you are interested to continue/create new hairworks hairstyles come to the radish modding tools discord server and ping me.


It's Hairworks - of course there is a performance hit. Also this hairstyle is not optimized in any way.  If you care about performance or are obsessed with the fps counter you probably should not install this. Newer cards will probably not have noticeable problems, though.

How to install

1. Unzip the package into your witcher game directory (so dlc folder content from package goes into witcher 3/dlc folder and mod folder content from package goes into witcher 3/mod folder)
2. Make sure you activate the Hairworks option for all and not only for Geralt.

How to uninstall

1. Delete the folders mods/modHairworks and DLC/dlcHairworks


  • Deactivating Hairworks option will break Yennefers default non-hairworks hair. If you don't want Hairworks for Yennefer uninstall the mod.
  • The auto-hide distance seems not to be as high as non-hw hair. If the player moves away from the Yennefer npc the hair will be removed.
  • Some cutscenes teleport the actors between shots. Since the hair reacts to movement this will look odd in some scenes. Mostly it seems fine, though.
  • probably more...

@Scoutbr0: for the fixed head mesh used as a base.