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Adds gold ingots and plates to the game with new icons. Gold is integrated into the game as a proper crafting material.

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It always bothered me that gold nuggets and ore are labeled as junk and are useless for crafting, but 'green gold' is used in many of Blood and Wine's recipes. Better Gold aims to fix part of this problem.

What this mod does:
  • Adds two new items, gold ingots and gold plates, with new icons.
  • Gold ore, ingots, and plates all have crafting recipes available right away.
  • Gold nuggets and ore are categorized as crafting components instead of junk.
  • New materials are integrated into loot pools and vendors.

What this mod does not do:
  • Change any existing items or recipes to use the new materials.
  • Add new armor/weapons that use the new materials.

If you want some recipes that use the new materials, I recommend you use my other mod DLC Armor Quests.

Place modbettergold into the mods folder and dlcbettergold into the DLC folder in your Witcher 3 directory. If you have any other mods that edit, you will need to merge scripts.

To uninstall just delete modbettergold and dlcbettergold.