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Console commands to remove unwanted recipes and diagrams from your crafting and alchemy menus.

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Are you, like me, annoyed about having to stare day after day at tier 1 potion recipes and stupid junk item schematics that you know you'll never ever craft? Do you really want all of those basic oils cluttering up your screen whenever you open up your alchemy window to do some brewing? Are you REALLY ever going to ask a merchant to make you those fugly low-stat boots you found diagrams for back in White Orchard? Why are they still in your life, forcing you to constantly scroll through countless pointless items just to find the ones that are actually worth your time? NO MOAR.

This unobtrusive little mod will allow you to remove recipes and schematics directly through the console. You can remove them all and start over or roleplay Geralt's progress into senility by forgetting one at a time. The choice is yours, at last!

Obviously, you can add whatever items you want back through the console at any time.


forgeteverything = remove ALL alchemy recipes and crafting schematics (including quest-related ones)

forgetalchemy = remove all alchemy recipes

forgetcrafting = remove all crafting schematics

forgetr('Recipe Name') = remove specific recipe; example: forgetr('Recipe for Maribor Forest 3') will remove Superior Maribor Forest from your alchemy screen

forgets('Schematic Name') = remove specific schematic; example: forgets('Explosive Bolt schematic') will remove Explosive Bolts from your crafting screen


So many thanks to reaperzz, rfuzzo and hyadum for telling me what to do when I was doing absolutely everything wrong.