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Allows to use Axii:Puppet skill, while Axii:Delusion skill is equipped.
Fixes bug in game scripts.

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This mod allows to use Axii:Puppet skill, while Axii:Delusion skill is equipped.
Instead of action 'CastSignHold', mod uses action 'CastSign' in game scripts.
Based on game versions 1.31-1.32. Not compatible with v4.00 (Next Gen or Complete Edition update). Delusion + Puppet is fixed in v4.00.

Why there is bug with Axii Delusion + Puppet combo?
'CastSignHold' action activation is delayed by 0.2 seconds after player presses and holds button to cast sign. Delusion skill speeds up sign casting animation and at the point when "button holding" is checked, 'CastSignHold' action returns 0 input value. Change that to 'CastSign' which is activated immediately, and, at the end of sign casting animation, proper input state is returned.

Might not be compatible with other sign mods which change controls.

How to install:
Extract "modAxiiFix" folder from archive, move it into "...\The Witcher 3\mods\" folder (game installation folder, not "My Documents"). Path to modded script should be: "...\The Witcher 3\mods\modAxiiFix\content\scripts\game\gameplay\items\spells\".
Please make sure no other mod overrides changes of this mod. Mod loading order is alphabetical, renaming "modAxiiFix" to ""mod0001_AxiiFix" will make game load this mod first and ignore changes of other mods.