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Modifies TW3's visuals to mimic how it looked in the VGX 2013 trailer.

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VGX Lighting Mod is in active development, certain aspects of this mod are incomplete, if there is an issue worthy of reporting, please do, your feedback is greatly appreciated.; I am actively working on a fix/change for whatever issues there may be.


This mod aims to modify The Witcher 3's visual style to match with how it looked when it was shown during the VGX 2013 event, certain aspects aren't 100% due the lack of certain features (hopefully some fixable).

I used uncompressed screenshots as a reference when making this mod, and the areas which aren't shown in the trailers were up to you could say "deductive reasoning".

VGX Lighting Mod was made from the ground up, using no other LM's as a base.

(This mod was made with vanilla Geralt in mind, if your modded Geralt looks bad, that's why)


VGX Lighting is separated into multiple regions for:

- Compatibility

- Easier management of files during production

- Faster releases/updates

Completed Regions:

The current list of completed regions are:

1. Region 1: Novigrad & Velen

2. Sub-Region 1: Hearts of Stone

The Current Release Order of Regions and Sub-Regions Are:

Region 1: Novigrad & Velen

Sub-Region 1: HoS

Region 2: Skellige & Kaer Morhen

Region 3: White Orchard & Vizima

Sub-Region 2: The Spiral

Region 4: Toussaint

Bugs and Feedback:

VGX Lighting Mod isn't perfect, there might be some areas that need a little more work.

If you have any suggestions on what might need to change (within reason) make sure to put it in the comments, or, place a message in the vgx-lighting channel on gudmods

Useage and Disrtribution:

You are not allowed to take this mod and label it as your own

You are not allowed to take/modify the files of this mod and label it as your own

You are not allowed to upload/include this mod in any mod compilation

You are not allowed to upload this mod as a translation fix

Your are not allowed to include this mod or any files from this mod into your own mod


Traderain and co. for WolvenKit

Linas for videos, media, and Testing

Scoutbr0 for information on extra bloom settings

Glitcher server for modding experience for the past 3 years and feedback

Gudmods server for being a server and feedback

Lexar for inevitably stealing this

YT content creators who will massacre my boy with bad reshade RT

The amazing 7-foot tall flying inchworm that is living parasitically within my prefrontal cortex