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Changes the arms of the Flaming Rose Armor so they look better in line with the rest of the armor.

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      This mod changes the arms of the Flaming Rose Armor so it has more harmony with the rest of the armor. For me the original arms always seemed like they didn't fit with the rest of the armor, both from an artstyle and graphical point-of-view (it's actually the arms from the Witch Hunter armor, but colored red). So I had this idea to swap the arms with another armor, this case the Cidarian Armor, giving it red sleeves too. I think the end result looks much more appealing and it fits nicely with the other pieces of gear now. It's incompatible with other mods that edits this armor.
There is an optional file of this mod that swaps the stupid-looking gloves (reskins of the Viper Gloves) with the Toussaint Knights gloves and makes it behave like a short glove (at the cost of possible incompatibility with some stat xml mods), which I think looks more badass and better than the default gloves. All of the icons have been changed to accomodate the new visuals.


1. Download the file;
2. Extract the modFlamingRoseTweak folder to /The Witcher 3/Mods/ game folder (if it doesn't exist, create it);
3. Launch the game.


1. Remove modFlamingRoseTweak from /The Witcher 3/Mods/ folder;


georgetziotis for the idea to swap the arms