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Simple mod that replaces boring paintings textures for art I managed to find across the internet. It changes:
- all BaW regular paintings, except ''Knight Returning from his Quest'' (couldnt find it's file)
- all HoS paintings from auction
- five of six avaible Geralt portraits
- Emhyr and Fake Ciri portraits

Permissions and credits
Beautifull Family Paintings
At the begginig I just wanted to change a few pictures in Corvo Bianco Family Paintings but I kept finding new and new great arts so I decided to make a whole new mod. You can find here Paintings of Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri Triss, Regis, Lambert, Eskel, Vesemir, Shani, Kaer Morhen, Zoltan (with his companions during Battle of Brenna) or some group paintings like Geralt with Yen, Geralt with Ciri, Geralt with Ciri and Yen or even Geralt with Roach.
Note: There's no painting of Geralt sitting on a Roach looking at Beaclair in my screenshots from Corvo Bianco (which is in comparison of changed photos) and that's because it's replacement for ''Starry Night Over The Pontar'' which can not be hanged after you complete ''Avid Collector'' quest.
Note: Have in mind that paintings icons and their previev in the inventory are the same as in vanilla, you need to hang your paintings to see the difference.

Recommended mods
Witcher's Liar - It adds additional slots to hang your pictures (also armour and swords stands).
Phoenix Lighting - interiors in Toussaint are quite dark, so you can use that beatifull lighting mod to improve it so you can have better view of your paintings.
Brighter Interiors in Toussaint - If you dont want to use whole lighting mod you can just use that.
All Paintings to Buy - Allows you to buy any painting from the game.

Spawn Commands
These are commands for Geralt portraits. I changed only 5 from 6 so you can still have Geralt portrait from quest (then you need to choose heroic pose with griffin body)

Just put modBeautifulFamilyPaintings into your mods folder
Note: If you're having infinite loading screens it's not that mod fault. In game there is limit for texture mods. You can find easy solution how to increase your mod limit here.

Thanks to:
Webslinger for linking me a helpfull guide so I could start my modding.